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before u read, i gotta apologize but i got some real shit going on atm and i'm really trying to get everything done so idk if i'll be as active as i once was :/ but hey, here's a chapter! also i'm rlly not trynna sound like an ungrateful bitch but could y'all vote on my chapters? it just makes me happy that people like them, i barely get any votes oR comments which no shit bc i've been inactive for like 3 months?????IM HERE TO STAY THOUGH I PROMISE. NEW UPDATES. EVERYWEEK FROM NOW ON!but remember to vote and comment(and share if ur nice)

also half of this is in luke's pov okay


me: i miss u

me: i didn't realize it'd be hard to not wake up beside someone after getting used to it

me: wait nevermind i woke up beside a cat

lukey: a cat ?

lukey: where did you get a cat from ?

me: my grandad asked if we could take care of him or something, idk it was already here when i arrived

lukey: i miss u too

lukey: and i have this BIG problem

me: aye what is it

lukey: well

lukey: *picture*

me: nice what are u gonna do about it??

lukey: maybe you could help?

me: is that why you miss me??? u just wanna jerk off gr8 nice boyfriend

me: are u my boyfriend? should i call you that

lukey: are we there again?

lukey: i thought we made it clear

me: yeah but now you're so far away

me: aren't long distance relationships hard

lukey: they end up working out

me: yeah, in fanfiction

lukey: i will make it work

me: okay, boyfriend

lukey: okay, girlfriend

me: eitherway

me: what are u gonna do about that boner?

lukey: maybe if u send a picture i could do something ;-)

me: okay ;)

me: *picture*

lukey: agnes why

me: what do you mean why

me: it's a great picture

lukey: ITS A MEME


me: chILL

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