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hello im back and trying to update as often as i can. here's a loveydovey chapter filled with a few cringe parts. ur welcum

ALSO HAHA can we pretend i fast forward it a lil bit i need to get to the fun stuff


"I'm sorry."

We say almost at the same time. Don't know if we both mean it, but it's said. His voice is full of regret and I believe that's good. I mean, I'm not the one to argue but when something gets on my nerves I don't think twice. Was I right? Not really, but I wouldn't say I was wrong. Maybe I overreacted but I knew this was a coming anyways.

"I'm actually really sorry."

"Right..." I start, "It's not like it's really your fault. I shouldn't've raged on you like that." I apologize gripping the phone tighter as i hear his voice crack over the line.

"Yeah, you kinda scared me. You alright?"

No. I'm pissed. I'm stubborn and I like winning fights for starters. I'm also a bitch but it's because of my feelings towards the blonde haired boy at the end of the line.

I take a deep breath. Agnes, stay calmed. Get your damn shit together.

"As alright as I can be. Listen we need to talk."

Voice crack once more. "Talk as in good or bad? You mean like talk?"

I lightly scoff, "Well, we don't really act like adult but our IDs say otherwise, so let's talk like adults." An uncomfortable chuckle leaves my lips.

Silence. I keep waiting for him to say something but he stays quiet, making me choke on the silence.

"About us..." I say awkwardly.

"About us." He repeats nervously. "What is there to say? You wanna break up." He adds. With a serious tone.

Breath, Agnes.

"Never said that." I snap. This is not good.

"Agnes, for real now. You can't deal with everything. And I get it, if you wanna break up, but—"

Why is he acting like this? It's driving me mad. I'd let him drive me mad, though. Any damn day

I scoff, "Wait, so what? You're the one who wants the breakup?"

Luke sighs deeply, thinking, I guess. Not sure. This is a mess.

"No, Agnes. But if you can't fucking—"

"I can't fucking, what?" I raise my voice, without really thinking through. What is he trying to tell me?

"Nothing!" His voice is raised too and almost sounds scary. I roll my eyes and sigh.

"What do you mean nothing? Do you think I'm gonna spend all this fucking time trying to figure out what all these signs mean? Luke you are not a damn puzzle, I shouldn't be struggling to get the answers to my questions."

"Answers to your question? What do you wanna know?"

"How you feel about me. I'm not up to give up time on you when you don't even know what you feel." Lie. I would waste all my time on him. He is practically a drug, even since the beginning I loved when he'd text me just to annoy me, even if I was to stubborn to admit.

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