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me: how's the "getting drinks" shit going?

me: bad i hope

me: is it going bad?

me: why aren't you answering?

me: okay agnes i'm serious now

"Stop texting her," I glance up only to meet Calum's chocolate brown eyes, "She's out there with Mr. Charming, she is not supposed to be texting you."

Since our first FaceTime call and even the first time I, maybe, stalked her, Agnes has been in my mind, and I can't get her out. From beginning to end she's shown me that she is not like the rest - not to mention that various times she has said no to sexting - and the idea it's stuck in my head, but of course, she keeps friendzoning me as she goes out with that pervert, Sebastian.

"If I tell you my problems it's because I want help. Agnes is not going to fall for that dick of a teacher." I assure him, or mostly myself, but I can't help it.

Why do I have to be at the one side of the world and not in New York? At least she is coming to LA soon.

"Who wants to get drinks with their student? It's wrong and unprofessional." I continue and he rolls his eyes making me scoff.

"You are overreacting a bit, mate. You only have been texting her for longer than a month," He says opening a beer from the couch across me, "You can't seriously be acting this protective."

"I'm not acting protective, I'm just - Look, I don't know, but Agnes is not like the rest. She is not one of the girls you find at the club with seven inch heals. She is special and it makes me mad, because she is far away and-"

"Yeah, you've told me everything. I had to text her when you got drunk because you fucked up and I believe you, Agnes is special. You both like the exact same music, and both sing and play guitar." He says before taking a sip of the beer and I nod humming.

"Exactly! It's like God created a girl just for me."

"But you still don't know her that much to be like this. Look at you, waiting like a twelve-year-old school girl for her crush to answer." He takes a sip of his beer and I get up from the couch and start pacing around the room like an idiot.

"I know we've only talked for over a month but I feel like I've known her for a longer time, y'know. She gives me something." I fight, my hands traveling to my hair, brushing it though.

Calum gets up from the couch and hooks and arm around my neck, "You are stressing the fuck out. Ashton and I were going out soon, you and Michael should come with us." He suggests and I take my lip ring in between my teeth.

"I'm up." Michael yells from the door as he enters.

"Have you been listening?" I ask cocking my eyebrows as I sit back down on the couch.

"Yes," He chuckles, "Ashton and I were discussing about it. Does Lukey have a crush on Ags?" He snorts and Calum joins him.

"Have you been reading my conversations with her?" I ask wide eyed and he keeps laughing.

"I saw her name on your contacts, it's very cute, Ags with a heart emoji." He grins and I roll my eyes.

"Awww," Calum and Ashton say in unison as he enters the room. Why do I even bother with friends?

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