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can we all just imagine the hotel like the tipton hotel in the suite life of zack and cody bc that was/is my shit okay cool | read a/n at the end !


"Agnes Bloom, right?" The lady behind the counter asks and I nod as she types something on her computer. I luckily didn't come late, but it did take me a few minutes to find this room. Some of the workers are already filling the room and talking to each other as I wait.

The lady walks out of her place, letting me see her entire features. Blonde hair held up in a bun and young green eyes lighting up my vision. "Hi, I'm Annabelle. I work at Information so if you need anything just tell me." She smiles warmly and I nod. "You'll be paired up with Helena this week to get into the routine, she plays the harp when you have the nights free and she should be here now."

Suddenly a young blonde girl with long curls in her hair rushes to the counter. Her big eyes flutter open and she takes a breath after her small run.

"Sorry if I'm late but Charlie didn't want to go get food alone today for the weirdest reason and... I'm Helena." She says, combing her locks through her slim fingers, while letting a awkward chuckle fall from for her lips. 

"I'm Agnes-"

"Oh, I know. I follow you on Instagram and Vine," She giggles and I flash a smile, "Lemme show you 'round." Her accent screams of England as she drags me away from Annabelle, who just laughs playfully shaking her head. I hold my folders filled with music notes tighter in fear of them falling out and I follow behind Helena while she doesn't release from my small hand.

"I'll take you a while to find everything but just stick with me, we can have lunch together." She says as we enter an elevator, going two floors down.

"When Annabelle told me your name I couldn't believe it, your voice is fucking heaven." She compliments and I crack a soft laugh, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear. "Are you here alone?"

"Kinda, yet I'm not." I shrug and she nods, looking to be interested about it.

"Hey, I need to tell you the new gossip. Annabelle told me this morning and I, since Charlie was too busy eating, I need to tell you." She takes a small breathing pause before she presents the small news, "So, we have a celebrity at the hotel, wanna know who? Annabelle said he came with a brunette girl and he looked like he was hiding, but actually failed." She chuckles and my eyes shoot wide as I bite my inner cheek.

"Luke Hemmings, you know, that guy from 5SOS or something. Do you know him?" She asks as we rush out of the elevator to the main hall, were it slowly gets filled with people by some couches and tables. The piano waiting for me in the middle.

"I think I know him... quite a bit." I mumble, the last part barely audible. Of course they saw him, I expected that, and even if I hate it, I am ready for fans to start commenting about it on twitter. It's what I have to deal with it.

"You're keeping something from me, are you?" She arches her eyebrow, stopping both of us in a corner of the place, "You're not very good lying." She chuckles.

"Shit, am I really that bad?" I groan and she nods, only laughing more. "I'm the brunette that came here with Luke Hemmings." I admit glancing away as her expression turns into a shocked one. "No big deal, really."

"Ugh, you need to play now, but at lunch you better give me details." She smirks and I walk towards the black platform, where the piano is sitting. I get up there and take a seat on the bench as I open the piano and lay my notes on the counter. My work is simple, play songs to keep the people around entertained and, there is quite a lot of people, which makes me more nervous. Bringing Luke here wasn't really the best idea.

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