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I wake up tangled with Luke's naked body and just a small bed sheet covering a little less than our legs. I blink rapidly, trying to get my eyes awake. I sigh peacefully with a serene smile on my face as I shift around my small place lightly to face the six foot boy in my bed. My smile only grows when I see him still in his sleep, with his dark eyelashes glued to his cheeks as his chest rises and falls.

The sun creeping out of the sheer curtains isn't as strong to annoy us, it's rather nice and soothing. Enough to give the light and warmth that is needed.

I sigh the same way again, this time moving up to sit on the bed, trying to scape Luke's grip that is his arm around me, tight enough for me to not let go. I want to get out of bed quickly before he wakes up, so that I can already use the bathroom and then come back here with him. I try using my legs to step out of the bed but there's this unfamiliar pain that won't let me move as much as I wish to.

"Nope," I mutter and I try again, only getting pain again. It's not the pain that I'm used to get from my hip, it's different, and I suppose it's last night's fault. But, damn, it was worth it.

I'm interrupted by a rather loud chuckle coming from a raspy voice behind me, causing me to quickly turn around to face the blond aussie.

"So you were awake?" I ask, letting giggles fall out of my mouth and I fall back into his torso.

He hums, "How was last night?" He asks and I roll to have my cheek pressed against his chest.

"I told you right when we finished. It was great." I say, pressing a kiss to where my head was just laying.

"Only great? You were amazing, baby."

"I loved every second of it," I admit, "well, before the beginning. It hurt pretty bad and it was weird but I guess it got better." I say before his laugh joins me and kisses my forehead. "My legs do kinda hurt now and it's kinda your fault."

"Sorry I'm so large."

I snort glancing back at him as he smirks, "You're a dork, that's what you are."

"But I am pretty great, aren't I?" We both burst into cute little giggles as I snuggle further into his chest and his arms snake tighter around my body, yet leaving enough room for me to be able to take small breaths.

"I really like it when you're like this," He breaths, smiling.

"You mean naked?" I quirk an eyebrow as his hands snake to my breasts giving them a squeeze and he makes me squirm, giggling once more.

"Kinda, I mean, I love it when you wear you clothes and shit, but like this is better," He explains, exhaling relaxed again, "I can see everything and know it's mine and you can't hide yourself."

I lazily smile, "Are your legs strong enough for the beach?" He asks and I nod unsure.


"Otherwise, I'm always up for giving you a piggy-back ride." He chuckles and I hum, nodding.

"If fans see us, tell 'em we're friends," I say, starting to play with his golden locks carefully as I earn a frown.

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