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me: everything makes sense now

me: you following, 5sos posting my video

luke: i kept telling you

me: who would've believed it??

me: it's nick's fault he told me i couldn't like you

luke: so you like me?

me: oh shut up

me: i need to go back to class

luke: call me when you're done

me: bet your ass i will

luke: :-)

I rush back to class, now having to walk through the crowd of some people already finishing their lesson. I mean this is crazy, but it made all the pieces come together like a puzzle. How was I such an idiot? I literally told him that his own band was a fake copy of Green Day. I guess I now will have to give it a try and listen to his music.

I enter the classroom and walk to my place as I glance over to Sebastian, who is smiling serene as his eyes burn on me and I take a sit on my chair looking around my things. Everything's where I left it, except there's a pink sticky note on the opened page of my notebook.

"Let's go out for drinks tomorrow, pick you up at 9pm, Sebastian"

I look up only to find Mr. Andersson, his features lighting up the room. Why does he have to be so attractive? It makes it hard to reject him, but I'm his student. I shouldn't go out with him.

I nod my head towards him to let him know that I'm up for some drinks, I don't anything better to do anyways other than third wheeling like I always do on my weekends. Plus, let's face it, he is hot as hell.


me: so here's what happened and why i didn't call you right after i finished

luke: i'd like an explanation since you had me worried

me: i was listening to your music

me: uh you're welcome

me: anyways i might or might not have become you number 1 stan

luke: really?

me: this explains how much life i don't have anymore

luke: so you like my band?

me: i do apologize for calling you green day wannabes

me: i did mean to, but not anymore

luke: are you gonna post a cover of any of my songs? :-)

me: i feel like you're smirking already

me: i already did

luke: WHAT

luke: okay brb

me: you're such a fangirl

me: hey look what i found



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