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so i had to write this again bc it got deleted. it wasnt wattpad's fault or anything (it didnt even contain smut) it just didnt save after i published it, another version did so im trying to re-write everything


me: gm

me: you were super drunk last night

me. you were annoying me

me: my roommate was having the sex in the room beside me

me: im still so nice to even text you like you told me

me: youre not even gonna read this until you wake up

me: god knows when

luke: i was awake

luke: you spam mpre than my fans

me: lmao you dont even have friends

me: i dont expect you to have fans

luke: its early

me: its ten in ny

luke: shoudl you be in school?

me: i got the option to start later cus im in two different schools

luke: its cute

luke: that you tell me stuff about you

me: there nothing cute in our conversations

me: only your dick

me: its so smol it looks cute

luke: you cant compare

me: why is that

luke: you havent seen that many

luke: still a virgin

luke: agnes?

luke: oh wait i didnt mean that

luke: stop reading and start typing

luke: sorry bby :-(

me: only to ask you something

me: whats up with the noses

me: who does that?

luke: well i do

luke: agnes

me: tell me

luke: its seven and im wide awake

me: well i didnt know you were katy perry

luke: i keep some secrets to myself

me: how can you wake up so early

me: you were so drunk last night

luke: it wasnt that bad

me: you tried to facetime me 14 times

luke: damn

me: you were probably trying to reach your other bbys but since you were drunk you couldnt tell who was who

me: save their damn names

luke: you keep calling me a fuckboy

me: i describe you as one but i dont call you one

me: cus im otherwise rude

luke: agneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

me: lukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

luke: we have a love-hate relationship

me: did you just

luke: well i will probably sleep again in an hour or so

me: i tend to need sixteen hours of sleep when i get drunk

luke: youre underage

me: so are you

me: i wanna know where did you drink

me: i only have some drinks when im at the frat parties

luke: wait are you one of those rich girls that live in frat houses

me: no

me: i live with my bestfriend in an apartment close to both schools

luke: why not with your parents

me: because they are never home

me: my mom is a professional makeup artist and my dad is the one that help the director in a movie

luke: that sucks

me: ive gotten used to it

me: they were never in my piano rehearsals when i was a kid and a teen

luke: where are they now?

me: i think

me: texas or mexico

luke: such a good girl keeping track of your parents

me: daddy's favorite

me: lmao 5sos reference i cant

luke: i know that song

me: good girls?

luke: are bad girls that havent been caught

me: sorry if youre a fan

luke: they are okay

me: as i already told you

me: green day wannabes

me: anyways

luke: what are you studying

me: im trying to get a masters degree in one of the schools and the other is just music

luke: music school

luke: i like my girls playing music

me: kayla the model sounded like she could be in a rehearsal

luke: she doesnt count

me: none of your other babes count

me: are you dating kayla

luke: nah

luke: she is hot and all but nah

me: you just fuck

luke: pretty much

luke: hey uhm agnes

me: yeah uhm luke

luke: dont mock me

luke: im horny

luke: can we sext?

luke: ill make it a good first experience if you havent sexted before

me: luke

luke: agnes

me: we do have a love hate relationship


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