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soz, i take forever to updAte but im here and also it's super awkward to write smut when my fucking best friend is reading this book (s/o to u wilma) what's up


A few days went through pretty quickly, way too quickly for my liking. After playing everyday as my schedule says and afterwards meeting Luke for lunch, small meet ups hidden away from the crowds and some sleep overs at his place or my room in which we didn't quite sleep the entire night, leaving was the last I wanted to do, but only having two days left was shitty and it's not like I can do much about it.

I lay on the bed with Luke beside me and we both stare at the small broken screen of my phone as I hold it in my hands, scrolling through Twitter before changing the app. This morning Luke insisted on telling Annabelle that I was sick to spend the day with me and after non-stop whines coming from him I let him. Leaving us both in the bed. I wear his shirt from yesterday and he lays beside me with just some boxer briefs.

"Well, at least there's almost no hate, right?" He says and I sigh.

"I mean, there obviously is. I try to ignore but I am aware people make comments about me and not all of them are that nice," I breath, "It's fine, though. Now, I gotta check Pokemon Go."

He chuckles, "Is that what you're gonna do today?" He snuggles further onto the crook of my neck making me shiver and him smirk.

"There is a pokemon four minutes from here and I don't know about you, but I'm gonna catch it." I giggle as he starts snaking his hands under the band shirt and massaging under my breast and around them slowly.

"I also need to do some online shopping, and listen to Arctic Monkeys or any band while I do it."

"What do you need to buy?" He asks while he keeps moving his hands around my body.

"I mean, I technically don't really need to buy anything but I love doing online shopping, because I'm such a forgetful person, I always forget what I ordered so it's kinda like a surprise when it arrives." I wrinkle my nose and let my phone fall on the bed before turning my body and kissing Luke's cheek.

He keeps moving his hands until they finally land on my boobs and I roll my eyes playfully as I watch him grin like a child.

"Are you having fun?"

He cracks a laugh, "Yes."

I move my hands to the ends of the shirt and start pulling the item above my head before discarding it away from the bed and revealing his hands cupping both of my breasts.


He nods before pressing kisses over my naked torso, making me moan. "Y'know, your boobs are very— Very, nice." He starts and I quirk my eyebrows before he continues, "Yeah, they are like round and perky and the perfect size for my hand and it's like it's meant to be."

I hum, holding back a laugh, "Are you trying to be romantic as you talk about my boobs?"

"My point is, you're very beautiful. Every inch, every little thing."

"Never knew someone like you could be so romantic," I tease, bringing his head up to kiss his lips and letting him lightly let his tongue take part of the kiss.

He breaks the kiss, making me whine, "Maybe you are special."

I redden, "Aw, Luke," I say and press my lips on his, "But, I need to catch that pokemon." He whines at my response and holds me tighter, wrapping his arms all along my body to keep us right next to each other under the sheets as I let out a roar of laughter.

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