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and now that i ended my damn hiatus, u may read !!!!


Showered, dressed and ready by the door, I wait for Luke to get out of the bathroom. He sports a red flannel and ripped skinny jeans, with his curly hair messy and about to hide the blond curls with a snapback.

"I still think you should stay," He mumbles, running back to the bed to get his phone as he frown in dispointment.

"I think so too, but school says otherwise."

He sighs pulling me into a hug and I find comfort in his broad shoulders as his light scruff tickles the skin on the crook of my neck, making me grin like I fool. I could stay like this forever.

"Luke," I warn, feeling open-mouthed being pressed on my collarbone. The blond aussie just hums, smirking as he trails his way back to my lips.

"I might miss your lips, y'know." He says, in between another kiss. I laugh, scrunching up my nose.

"We have to go now, or do you want me to miss my flight?" He smirks, pulling appart from me and rolls his eyes.

"Of course I do, then you could stay with me here and we could live in this hotel like Zack and Cody did at The Tipton." He grins like a child and I chuckle, bitting my inner cheek.

I grab my gig bag and hang it on my back and my black bag and carry it with my left hand, walking towards the door at my slow pase as I hold Luke's hand with my right one tight, both wanting to let go.

Personally, I think what we have went too fast. We went thought the Okay, but What The Hell Are We phase, which I think it's the best part in a relationship, since you really just have to let it go. Take everything you have and take the chance and sometimes you lose at these but if you win, it's always worth it.

I'm not the one to have found someone to be with who will never be there everyday, physically I mean. There was never a day Luke and I went without sending something to each other. At the begining always mocking each other but then coming closer and closer to each other. Either way, the idea of not having Luke with me scares me.

"What're you thinking 'bout?" His australian accent snaps me out of my little thinking and I blink several times, trying to get to him as we walk out of the room and lock it.

I sigh, "Don't know. Us, I guess." I breath, but holding a small smile.

He quirks his eyebrows, giving me a confused look and I shrugg, "Like what will happen after this."

He licks his lips as we get to the empty elevator, "You coming back here whenever you can?" He says, sounding questioning.

"So you expect me to just come here every holiday?" I answer, regretting my tone when it comes out a little drier than I wanted.

"I can't just do that." I add whining.

He stays in silence for seconds and I rest my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes lightly.

"You should come to New York," I comment, keeping my eyes closed and I hear Luke's laughing filling the slow elevator. "No, but really, I could present you to Elisabeth, and my grandad and his several cats." I daydream, trailing off as we get to the first floor, walking off the small room.

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