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In a few days I'm finally going to LA, but calling it a vacation is what I wish I could do. My mom literally only calls me or texts me to ask me if I can come to one side of the country to work at the hotel as the pianist and it's getting odd. I don't mind playing piano, of course I don't, but she only wants to hear from when she needs something. My dad does no better job at reaching me, I guess it's because of their work, but even Nicole hears 'I love you' coming from their mouth more than I do and we don't even share the same mother.

Probably because how I turned out. They didn't mind my passion for playing music or listening but they much rather would've had me with another passion like art. Or maybe because I refused to move from New York when I was seventeen and I started sharing an apartment with Eli.

But time to push those thoughts away, I'm seeing Luke in four days and I'm rather nervous than excited. I know what is like to be a fangirl and see your favorite band member going out with a random girl, and I don't want the 5SOSFam getting unnecessary drama because of me.

My phone buzzes and I snap from my thoughts as The 1975 fills my ears from my vinyl player on the corner of my room. I smile at the sight of Luke's name on my screen.

lukey: four days and i'll have you here with me

me: what's the weather like in la??

lukey: sunny and pretty warm

lukey: bring lots of bikinis

me: am i going to the beach??

lukey: yes i'll take you there and we can even go to the hotel's pool

me: seems like you've planned everything for me already

me: the sad news is that this is not a holiday

me: i'm basically a worker in the hotel for those eight days. every evening i'll have to play piano even sing from 7pm till whenever they need me plus the meetings / family dinners i'll have to attend

me: so i'm afraid we can't spend so much time together

me: plus don't you have your own house in la??

lukey: yeah kinda

lukey: but i can stay in the hotel with you if you want me to

me: if you don't want to you can just sleep at your place with your bandmates

lukey: i promise we'll make time to spend together

me: anyways i already told you that i'm not really up to go out with you if fans see it

lukey: why ?

me: because drama, i know what it's like to see a band member with another girl, drama happens and i don't want to cause that or drag stupid attention to me

lukey: babe you won't cause drama, it's okay

lukey: i'll just tell them we're friends

me: aren't we just friends?

lukey: i told you i didn't like the friendzone and after what happened yesterday i'm not just your friend

me: look i don't have clear what we are

me: we are friends with confessions

lukey: we're playing games

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