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fuck me


"Taste in your tongue, the smoke in your lungs, and I need your love, and I need your love." I sing as I'm sitting on my piano bench in the living room. I gather the classical music sheets I'll be needing while I'm in LA and look for the ones I'm missing. "The salt on your skin is pulling me-"

I'm interrupted by Eli's slow claps and I flash a smile as she gets closer to me.

"Surprising, Tuesday like four pee-em and here we have Agnes singing. Great song," She smirks, "5 Seconds of Summer, you really seem to like them?"

"I did download a few of their albums and between you and me, I kinda regret calling them Green Day wannabes," We giggle together, "It's kinda like the music we listen to, very similar."

"You have a lot of covers from them on your account," She sits on the bench right next to me.

"Only like three new ones from them," I shake my head and roll my eyes playfully, "Jet Black Heart, Long Way Home and She's Kinda Hot. Get ready for my next cover to probably be Broken Home, since so many of his fans want me to do that one."

"Oh," She giggles, sounding flirty, "Agnes is fangirling over her boyfriend's band."

I crack a small laugh before rolling my eyes a bit again, "He is not my boyfriend."

"If you say so." She shrugs laughing, causing me to lightly elbow her as we finish our laughs.

"What are you doing?" She asks and I sigh, taking the papers I sorted in my hands.

"Just picking out the songs, I have to do classical music on brunch time at the hotel. They told me that at night I could free style if I wished to."

"Getting ready for playing non-stop?" She arches her eyebrows.

"Guess so. I might not even get as much time as I want to be with Luke." I tell her and she rubs my back, trying to comfort me. "And I don't really want to be seen with him either."

"I will never understand this feeling you have towards fame, they won't even care-"

"Even you were overreacting when Hendall rumours were seen!" I interrupt her, my voice rising and she rolls her eyes. "I just don't want the attention. I rather be a complete no one than a famous bitch."

"You are for obvious not a complete no one with that Instagram account." She points out and I twirl a strand of my hair in between my fingers. "Are you actually getting online hate because of what he did?"

"I mean I have my haters like everyone else but most of his fans - the ones that followed me - just comment song suggestions, kinda all of them 5SOS. I have gotten fights between them in my comments where I didn't pay much attention."

"Not that bad." She says, "So you are going to stop being with the ones that make you happy because you're too busy thinking about the rest of the world and how they will react?" I start picking on my nails as I listen, knowing that it's true but I quickly fire back.

"Well, I guess I'm used to since keeping a smile around Nick is already being very thoughtful towards my best friend," I avoid eye contact as I hear her snort quietly, "Talking about Nick, no sex in the kitchen or living room while I'm gone. Not again." I add.

"We were saying," She ignores my last comment and I sigh again, leaving some of the gathered music sheets over the top of the piano, "You need to learn to not give a fuck, because it's actually very practical as long as you don't come across as rude."

"I'll see what I'll do."

"You hurry up with that thinking because you are leaving tomorrow night and you haven't even packed. Are you excited?" She gets up, taking her phone from her pocket and scrolling through whatever's on her screen.

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