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luke: psst agnes

me: why are you whispering via text you idiot

luke: cause i know you have class

me: i do so it better be important cause im gonna get in trouble

luke: bad girl

me: always

luke: which lesson do you have

me: i dont even know

me: i think it's like socials thingy

me: my teacher is hot tho

me: very hot

luke: how old is he

luke: im hotter

me: he is like 26

luke: agnes

me: luke


me: so?

me: he is still probably hotter than you

luke: well if youre in a lesson i wont annoy you

me: actually dont go

me: i hate this lesson

me: talk to me

luke: want to sext

me: if there's any day you dont ask me that i will be very happy

luke: kayla is hanging out with some friends

me: is she cheating on you

luke: we are not a couple

me: oh yeah

me: i forgot you are a fucker

luke: stop calling me fuckboy

me: there are two kinds of guys in this world

me: boys who arent fuckboys and actually are very sweet keepers

me: and the original fuckboys

luke: youve got some theory going on there

me: i have a lot of free time to think

luke: i'd like to see you

me: too bad

me: not up for sending any selfies today or tomorrow

luke: you're probably hot

me: maybe who knows

me: i can tell you im not

luke: i doubt that

me: i could be very ugly

luke: agnes

luke: youre probably super hot

me: can we play something

luke: you mean the question thingy

me: again idk how old we are

luke: its for fun

luke: dont ruin my vibes

me: i have a fear for your vibes

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