Forty three

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"Daddy would you please stop staring at Aden like that. Your making this uncomfortable." I say. We're all sitting down in the living room. Apparently Jamal had to go make a run for mom and now we're all waiting for him to get back.

"How am I staring?" Daddy asked turning toward me.

"Your doing that mean mug thing you always do and you know it."

My father had a signature mean face that made most people uncomfortable when they saw it.

"I'm not

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"I'm not. I'm just looking at the boy. I'm not making you uncomfortable am I?" Daddy said looking back at Aden. There was a clear challenge in his voice.

"No sir." Aden said.

When Aden's eyes drifted back to me all I could do was mouth the words 'sorry'. My father was the king of long pauses and intense stare downs.

"Good, because a real man should have no problem siting down with another man for a real conversation. Now I'm going to ask you this once. What are your intentions for my daughter?" Daddy said.

"Daddy, he's not here about me. His here for Jamal and the robot feast so just leave-"

"I like her, sir" Aden interrupted me.

I stare at him with wide eyes. I'm caught between being happy he said it and worrying about my father's reaction, or should I say over reaction.

This is the first time a boy has made his feelings know to my father and dad probably been waiting for a chance to flex his over baring father muscles.

"You like her? Well that's all good and dandy. I like Kitkats but that doesn't mean I won't trade it in for a sneakers if given the opportunity, hell I might even eat both of them at the same time. So I'll ask you again, boy what are our intentions towards my daughter?"

"Oh god daddy please stop." I say placing my face in my hands. This is just as embarrassing as I thought it would be. My father just compared me to a chocolate bar.

"I'd like to date her, sir. I have no intentions of trading her in or messing with another girl. April is the only one I want." Aden says.

I look up from my hands. Even though we both said we liked each other we haven't made it official, so hearing this makes my heart do cartwheel. I look at Aden and he seems confident in his words, which only makes me like him more.

Aden turns to look at me and hint of nervousness enters his eyes. It takes a moment for me to realize that he want to know my reaction to his confession. I smile because of course I would love to be his one and only.

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