Thirty Three

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I stare at Aden. The dark mischievous lit to his eyes and the way he said it made my heart skip a beat. This is a side of Aden I've never seen before.

I laugh nervously and sit back in my seat. My heart is racing inside of my chest. Aden's  cute and when ever he's around I feel all fuzzy. Most of the time it's just his natural adorability that draws me in and makes me forget my senses.

There was nothing light and cute about the way he looked at me then. It sent an immediate shock down to my nether regions.

I don't know know what surprised me more Aden's  sudden change or the way my body responded to it.

"Unless of course you are against spending alone time with me." Aden say.

I look back at him and his back to his normal slightly shy self. I relax. This Aden I know how to handle.

"Of course not. I look forward to it and if that's what you want then I'll keep it out little secret." I say.


Aden smiles and sits back in his chair. Is it weird that seeing him happy makes my heart flutter. Or that just knowing his happy is enough to make me happy?

Class starts and ends without much happening in between. When the bell rings Aden and I both stand up.

"See you in bio?" Aden said.

"Looking forward to it."

Not really. I missed Aden but I definitely didn't miss that class.

Aden and I go our separate way. I walk down the hallway. It's nice to be back to the same routine. Life feels like it's starting to get back to normal.

"Come on Regina. Everyone knows that you the girl that says yes to everyone." I hear a male voice whisper.

I turn my head down the hallway. At first I don't see anything, but then I catch a glimpse of Regina green hair behind the lockers.

I turn and walk towards her.

"Everyone's an idiot and if you keep trying to rub your little Vienna sausage against me I'm going to cut it off." A voice that could only belong to Regina say.

"B!tch I don't know why you acting like you too good for this d!ck. It's not like you that cute little cheerleader you was in freshman year any more.  You should be happy anybody want to touch yo bitter fat a$$."

That's it. I've heard more than enough. I walk over and see the guy who with Regina.  He's one of the basketball team members. Not a star player but I've seen his face before.  His hand is wrapped around Regina's and he's pressing her against the wall.

"What the hell do you think you're doing." I say glaring at him.

"Look b!tch mind your own damn-"

The boy stops when he turns to look at me. It probably only took him a second to register who I was and more importantly who I was related to.

The boy lets go of the Regina and takes a step back. He looks nervously at both of us.

"I...uh...didn't know it was you, April. I never call you a-"

"Why were you touching all over her. From what I heard she made it very clear that she didn't want you near her." I say stoping whatever pathetic apology that was about to come out of his mouth.

"It wasn't like that. We were just talking weren't we Regina." He says looking at her.

Regina isn't saying anything. Her arms are crossed and she looking down. I can feel the anger radiating off of her.

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