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I'm laying in bed flicking through the tv channels when the door opens up. April steps in dressed in a tank top and sleep shorts. Her curly brown hair falls down around her shoulders. The light behind her gives her a soft golden glow.

"Hey, sexy." April said with a teasing smile.

"Sup, gorgeous." I say with a wink.

April smiles and walks over to my side of the bed. Her leg crosses over me, resting on the right side of me. She places her other leg on the side of me and sit comfortably on my lap. Her body is soft and warm. I place both of my hands on her hips pulling her closer.

"The baby's asleep." April says leaning down toward me. I can feel her warm breath on my face. My grip around her hips. I'm sure she can feel my increasing excitement.

"Mmh, does that mean mommy has time to play?" I ask.

April reaches up and pulls my glasses off. She sets them on top of the night stand before turning back to me.

"Yes it does." She says in a husky whisper.

I don't waste time. I capture her mouth with mine. Our kiss is slow at first but increases in spread until we're both breathing heavy.

April pulls back and looks me in the eye. I could spend my whole life staring into her brown eyes and die a happy man.

"I love you Aden Harris."
My alarm beeps loudly in my ear pulling me from my dream state. I sit up wide eyed. My dream is still vivid in my mind but I can't believe I dream it. I pull back the covers and the evidence of my arousal is immediately apparent.

I sigh and rake my hand through my hair. This is bad. Last thing I need is to be having sex dreams about April. I blame this stupid project. All this talk of babies has got my whacked out sleep brain dreaming up these crazy scenarios.

I get out of bed. I'm definitely going to need a shower before I head off to school.

Twenty minutes later I'm washed and ready to go. April is still popping in and out of my head but I push those thoughts aside. I don't have time for a second shower.

I'm almost out the door when my phone buzzes. I pull it out and see that April texted me.

April: I know this is a lot to ask but do u think I could get a ride?

I frown and quickly text her back.

Aden: don't u usually ride with ur brothers?
April: I didn't want to ride with them...

I frown again. April must have had a fight with her brothers. I can't help but feel responsible. If I hadn't told her what they were doing she'd be fine right now. She and her brothers were close but I'd come in between that. I didn't care if Jamal or Keith were hurt, they deserved it, but I wish April didn't have to be collateral damage.

I text her back.

Aden: Sure. Just give me ten minutes and I'll come get you.
April: thanks Aden. Ur the best. 💕

I put my phone in my pocket. Aprils house is ten minutes in the opposite direction of the school. It's not really that big of a deal. My dad covers most of my gas money. Its apart of the guilt money he gives me for braking up our family.

I grab my backpack and head out to the car. After a ten minute drive I pull up in front of Aprils house. She's waiting on the front porch. She smiles and stands up when she sees my car pull up. Seeing her makes me think of that dream but I quickly push it away.

April opens my car door and gets in.

"Hey." She says.


"Thanks again for picking me up. I would have texted someone else but most of my friends are their friend and I really didn't want to get into all of that."

"No problem." I say pulling off.

I turn on some music, to fill the silence in the car. We drive for a little while before April starts talking again.

"I hope it wasn't too far." She says.

" No it's good. I was heading that way anyway."

It's a lie but she doesn't need to know that. I don't want her to feel bad about texting me. Usually I have a problem when people suddenly ask me to change my plans but in this case I don't mind.

We pull up to the school a few minutes later. April unbuckles her seatbelt and gets out of the car. I turn off the car. April is waiting for me outside. We walk in together. I put my stuff in my locker and then double back for April since we have the same morning class. She closes her locker and smiles at me. Together we make our way up to class.

I hold the door open for April. She steps pass me and into the class. She starts heading for her corner seat.

"April." I call out.

She turns back to look at me. "Hmm?"

"Do you...Do you want to sit over by me?"
It feels kind of stupid asking now, especially since I sent her away last time. I wouldn't be surprised if she said no.

April smiles. "Sure."

The moment she says it the door opens and Erick and Keith steps through. We both turn to look at them.

"What are you doing here?" April asks glaring at her brother.

"I came to make sure you made it to school." Keith said with a shrug.

"Well here I am." April said with a fake smile. "You can go now."

"I also came to apologize."

"Well I don't want your apology."

"No offense April, but I wasn't talking to you."

Keith turns to look at me. I stare back at him with wide eyes. He's talking to me. Keith Robinson is trying to apologize to me. Where are all the flying pigs at?

"Sorry." Keith said looking at me.

"What?"I say needing to hear it again.

"Don't make me repeat it wh- Aden."Keith said through gritted teeth. This sound more like the football jock I know, except for the Aden part. I wasn't even sure he knew my name. It was always white boy this and white boy that.

I look at April. She looks just as surprised as I am. What could she possibly have said to make her brother change his tone this quickly?

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