Forty One

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The bell rang and Aden and I both stood up from our desk. It had been a pretty uneventful biology class, which knowing Ms. Carter was probably a good thing. I moved to grab my books but again Aden swooped in before me.

I stared at Aden as he held on to both our books.

"You know I can carry that." I said.

"I know."

Aden made no attempt to hand me my books back. It shouldn't have been weird to have him carry my books. Guys in romance novels do it all the time, but things like that were the kinds of things that I wasn't use too.

Aden was the first guy to ever like-like me. It was one thing to want a guy to be interested in you, it was another to have it actually happen.

"We should get going. Regina said she'd save us a seat." Aden said.


We walked down the hall together. When we got to the lunch room I didn't even bother looking over at my brother's table. Jamal would probably be there and I was still trying to ignore him.

I saw Regina and Dashawn siting at one of the back tables. We made our way over to them. They both greeted us.

"So what been going on with you guys?" I asked.

"Gina, pissed because she got put in the tutoring program." Dashawn said.

Regina punched her brother in the arm. "Tell the whole world big mouth."

"What class?" Aden asked.

" Freaking geometry." Regina said looking annoyed.

I knew how she felt. Nothing was more annoying then a class you just couldn't understand no matter how much you tried.

"Do you need help?" Aden asked.

"It's too late for that. I tried to offer the same thing but little miss hard as nails refused help even from me. Now she has to go threw the schools tutoring program and they get to pick who her tutor is." Dashawn said.

I understood why Regina refused help from her brother. It was embarrassing to have to go to your smarter sibling just because you couldn't understand something they probably thought was easy. It was probably worse for Regina because Dashawn was younger than her.

"Maybe it won't be that bad. I hear they've got really good tutors for the program. Keith sometimes tutors in order to make up for the class hours he misses." I say trying to cheer her up.

"Keith is a tutor?" Regina asked with an arched brow.

"Yup he tries to hide it but he's actually a math wiz. That type of stuff just clicks for him. If you ask him that's the reason he's not in class so often. He says it's so easy it's boring."

"No offense April but I'd sooner stab my eye with this fork then be tutored by your brother."

I couldn't really take much offense to that. I knew Regina didn't like my brother or pretty much anyone on the football team.

"It probably won't be him. As long as he stays out of trouble he won't have to tutor. The point is he tells me they're really good at helping students catch up. The tutoring program is one of the few nice things about this broke school." I say.

Regina sighed. "I guess I'll find out about it when I go, but that's enough about me. How are you two doing?" Regina said looking at me and Aden.

"We're good." I said looking over at Aden. He looked back at me and smiled.

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