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"Dude no way you made it to that level in the game in one night." Dashawn, Regina's brother said.

I shrug. "I got bored one night and figured why not. Honestly I didn't expect to get pulled in so fast. It's not one of my proudest moment."

"Your joking right. That's got to be a record. You're like a freaking legend."

I smile. Dashawn was so enthusiastic and his facial expression. His general positivity and upbeat attitude made him fun to be around.

"Aww, look at you two nerds getting along." Regina said with a smile.

"Oh sorry I forgot little miss goth is too cool for video games." Dashawn said poking the arm.

Regina stuck out her tongue at her brother. I laugh. The two siblings were quiet a pair. Dashawn was tall beige skin guy with curly brown fro and lopsided grin. Regina was a short plump girl with a strong affiliation for the color black. I'd seen them both around the school but never paid them much attention.

"So what do you guys think happened over there?" Dashawn asked looking over at the center table. Two of its most important members were missing. They'd left with April and never returned.

"Probably went to go help the princess with something." Regina said playing with her fries.

"I take it your not a fan of April." I say.

"I'm general not a fan of anyone that sits at the table, but something about her just rubs me the wrong way. She not that much different from us. People are always talking about her behind her back but she acts like she's royalty. It's annoying."

I don't think that's quiet right. April isn't stuck up. It's just that she kind of lives in her own bubble world. In April world her brothers are saints and social hierarchies don't exist.

"Regina don't you think your being a little hard on her. You and I both know it's all about who you know in highschool. If it wasn't for Nat I'm sure one of the football player would have given me a swirly by now. April brothers are the coolest guys on campus so of course everyone likes her." Dashawn said.

It's kind of sad the more I think about it. I'd much rather have everyone hate me openly then to smile in my face while talking about me behind my back. Despite everything April was a nice girl. She didn't deserve that.

"Yeah but she acts like its all hunky dory, like she doesn't notice it all. She's a joke to them but she too stupid to realize it. That more than anything is what annoys the hell out of me." Regina said.

I don't say anything. I think about April and her bright smile. Once again I have to disagree with Regina. I don't think April's stupid. She's just a nice girl who wants to be friends with everyone, even me.

Thinking about it like that I feel kind of bad for how I treated her.

"What so she's suppose to stick up the middle finger and cuss everyone out like you do?" Dashawn asked with a smile.

"It definitely be an improvement."

The lunch bell rings and we all stand up. I dump my tray and turn back towards the two siblings.

"Thanks for letting me sit with you." I say.

"No problem." Dashawn said with a smile.

"You should sit with us again tomorrow, unless of course you have better plans." Regina said.

I smile. "Nope no, plans. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

I turn and head back to class. I'm almost to my next class when I see Jamal walking down the hallway. I can tell from the look on his face that he is already upset. His eyes meet mine and I prepare myself for the on coming assault.

Jamal looks away and continues walking down the hallway. I stand frozen in place. I turn to look back at him. Did that just happen?

After a few seconds I shake my head and continue down the hall. The rest of my day is pretty uneventful. I go through my class without any major mishaps. Surprisingly enough I don't have any problems from the brothers or their friends.

When the final bell for the day rings I gather my stuff and head out to the parking lot. I see Jamal's car pull of from the parking lot as I get into mine.

I pull off and start heading back home. I turn on the radio and cruse to soft rock. After no less then two minutes on the road I see a familiar figure walking down the street. I slow down and pull over. Rolling my window down I call to her.


April turned around and looked at me. She doubled back and walked over to my car.

"Why are you walking?" I asked.

April shrugs. "I just needed some space. It was too crowded."

"So you're walking all the way back?"

"Guess so."

I look at the area around me. It isn't that bad the closer you are to the school but the farther you move away the worst it gets. No one should be walking out here alone especially not April.

I sigh and look back at her. "Get in."


"Get in. I'll drive you home."

"That's okay I can walk. You don't-"


I look at her. She might be tough but she's not invincible. I'm not going to let her walk alone no matter what she say.

April sighs before opening my backseat door and tossing her backpack in. She closes the door and gets into the front.

"Woah, your interior is insane." April said. "Is that touch screen?"

April leaned forward touching the screen. Harvey metal blasted through out the car. I reached forward turning the music down.

April looked over at me. "Sorry."

"Just put your seat belt on and try not to touch anything else."

I wait for April to buckle up before starting the car again. She give me her address and I punch it into my phone. The navigation pops on giving me the next turn. We drove home in silence.

"I'm sorry about bio and if I made you uncomfortable."April says

I glance over at her. She looking out the window.

"You can just forget it. I promise it won't happen again. I'm not going to suddenly attack you the next time we're alone."

Her voice sounds insecure and for a minute I'm confused. What does she have to be insecure about. She's not the social outcast in this situation.

"I just don't want you to have to be uncomfortable around me. It's already bad enough because of what my brothers did. I don't want to give you another reason to hate me. " April said looking down at her lap.

"April I don't hate you." I say glancing up. She looks up and our gazes meet. "And the kiss wasn't that big of a deal. It just caught me by surprise." I say.

I don't hate April. In fact, I probably like her a lot more than I should. She trouble but she also sweet and nice. As much as I try to fight it she keeps pulling me back in.

"I like you April. Your a nice girl."

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