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I held April's hand as we walked into the school. Last night had been long. After driving around to cool down I still couldn't get over my meeting with my father. I wanted to punch something and I hated that part of me because it was so much like him.

I almost took off today. It might have been better if I stayed away but then April texted me. My father had already said he knew who she was and I didn't want him or his men near her.

I look over at April. She notices my eyes on her and turns my way. She gives me a smile and my heart aches.

The best thing for April might be for me to just step back. She was a good person and she didn't deserve to be dragged into this. My father had already hospitalized her brother. If I continued to show interest it would only be a matter of time before my father dragged her into this too.

"Still thinking about those things you didn't want to talk about this morning?" April asked sensing something was wrong.

"Yeah, but I'll be fine."

I gave her hand a squeeze. The right thing to do would be to let her go, but I was my father's son which made me a terrible greedy man.

I wanted April and I was too selfish to let her go.

"Alright then, why don't I try to take your mind off of it." April said.

I smile down at her. "What did you have in mind."

April seemed to think for a moment. "What's your favorite color?"

I chuckle at her smile question. I think the last time someone asked me about my favorite color I was in the second grade.

April rolled her eyes. "Don't laugh. I want to know more about you and that was the first question I could think of."

"Alright, sorry for laughing, you're just really adorable sometimes."

"Me? Adorable? Yeah right."

I stop and step in front of April. The way she said it made it sound like she didn't believe me.

I stare down at her. My eyes taking in every part of her sweet beautiful face. I look back at her eyes and she stares back up at me. "I mean it April." I say in a low voice.

April swallows and my eyes drop to her lips. I realize that yet to fell her lips against mine. The realization is followed by a need to do just  that.

The bell rings stopping me before I can even lean in. I pull back and mentally curse that damn bell.

"Uh, now Mr. McCat is going to be giving us both the look when we walk in." April says.



"That's my favorite color."

April smiles and her brown eyes sparkle.  I want her. She a nice sweet girl. The more I get to know her the more that becomes apparent, which is the exact opposite of me.  Beneath the glasses and the calm demeanor is something darker waiting to get out, but I want her.

When I'm with April I feel more like the man I want to be than the man I really am.

We walk to history together. April was right about Mr. McCat. He gives us the mean eye the moment we walk into the room.  We get a stern warning to not let it happen again.

When class ends I stand pack my stuff up and wait for April.

"What's your favorite tv show?" April asked. We've been going back and forth with simple questions.

"I don't really watch much tv." I say grabbing the last of April's books.

"Seriously? Nothing?"

I shrugged. "I've seen the big bang theory a few times and sometimes I'll sit with my family and watch whatever they watching, but besides that no."

We walk out of the classroom and just like yesterday I walk with April to her class.

"What about you? What do you watch?" I ask.

"A bunch of stuff actually. Mostly I like the action and paranormal stuff. In fact I was watching Teen Wolf last night."

April turned to look at me. Her narrowed eyes analyzed my face. "In fact, I just kind of noticed it but you actually look like one of the characters." She said.

"Do I?"

"Yeah,  only thing is that your eyes are green."  

"Really? Weird?"

"Yeah, I'll have to show you a picture sometime."

April and I continue  walking until we reach her classroom. We stop in front of the door. I lean down and place a kiss on her cheek.

"See you at bio." I say.

April looks back up at me and she seems a bit flustered. "Y-yeah, I'll see you then."

I step back and the first thing I see is Jamal coming up behind us. April sees me looking and turns around to look at her brother.

Jamal stops in front of us. His eyes immediately go to April.


April turns her back to him and looks at me. "Bye, Aden. See you later." 

April waves too me and walks into her class. I stare at the close door, surprised by the fact that she just gave her beloved oldest brother the cold shoulder.

My eyes go back to Jamal. He's staring at the door too, but he looks more angry than surprised.

I've always disliked Jamal, but now it felt awkward to be around him. He'd bullied me from the moment I stepped foot in the school. There had been times when he seriously tested my resolve not to hurt anyone, but it all felt different now that I knew what my father had done.

No matter how bad Jamal was he was nothing more than a high school bully. He still had enough time in his life where he might some day decide not to be a total a$$. The odds were slim but it was still possible. That alone put value to his life.

But my father didn't care about that. Life that was not his own or his family meant very little to him.

Jamal turned to look at me. I felt a slight pang of guilt. If my father had his way Jamal would be six feet under.

"Are we still on for the robotic competition?" Jamal said, his anger just barely hidden in the undertone of his voice.

I thought about it for a moment. I could say no. April wold not hold it against me and it seemed like she was mad at him anyway.

"Sure." I said because even if she was mad at her brother he was still her family. The problems between me and Jamal would not go away until I made them go away. I wanted April so that meant dealing with her family.

"Good. After school come to our house and we can get to work." Jamal said before storming off.

I watched him leave. In order to be with April I would have to fight off both her family and mine.

But April Robinson was worth it.

Author's Note: okay guys so it's still exam week but I took a study break to right this and celebrate finishing my first exam🎉🎊🎉. Pray for me and my test scores.

Be back later with more aprien...

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