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I listen to Ms. Carter explain the project and feel my dread increase. She wanted us to cover the full life span of a fictional child. That's way too much for one person to handle.

My exam score was a major hit to my ego. I knew I did bad but I had no clue I did that bad. I'd almost end died of humiliation when Erick asked to see it. Now I had the added pressure of being paired up with one of the smartest kids in class.

Odds were I'd end up looking like a total idiot before the project was over. It's so annoying. Both of my brothers were pretty smart they just didn't try hard enough. I spent a whole two weeks studying for this exam and my grades still sucked.

"I will have a detailed outline for you next class. For now you can exchange numbers with you partner and coordinate schedules." Ms. Carter says.

I turn to look at Aden. Who would have thought I get paired up with cute guy who gets to class early. He's the same one I wanted to photograph earlier.

"So...can I get those digits?" I ask jokingly.

"What?" Aden asked looking annoyed. My face falls. I'm starting to get the feeling Aden Harris is not my biggest fan.

"Nothing I was just trying to lighten the air. Don't you have a send of humor."

"I do. Your jokes are just corny." Aden says taking a piece of paper and scribbling his number down.

I shrug my shoulders. "Eh, it's my brothers line. Despite popular belief he's a very corny person."

Aden's pencil stops. His whole body goes ridged. I lean over looking at his face. His jaw is clinched and his eyes are glaring down at his paper.

"You okay?" I ask.  

Aden rips out a piece of paper and shoves it to me. He places his stuff in his backpack and stands up.  When he finally turns to look at me his green eyes glare down at me.

"If  we're going to be working on this project together do me a favor and don't talk about either of your brothers." Aden said before leaving the room.

I watch him go. "Well that was odd." I say to myself. I've never seen such animosity directed towards my brothers. Everyone I knew loved them. They practically ran this whole school. Even the teachers feel victim to my brothers charm.

"Looks like you got the short end of the stick, April. " Erick says coming up behind me .

I turn around to look at him. "What do you mean."

"Ms. Carter partnered you with ol' white and nerdy." 

I frown. " that's a bit mean don't you think."

Erick shrugs. "It's true. He's a total freak who doesn't talk to anyone. He thinks he's to too for us colored folk."

I role my eyes at him. Erick laughs and drapes his arm  over my shoulder. I feel my face heat up but thankfully my dark complexion cover my blush.

"Come on. I'll walk you to lunch." Erick says leading me out of the class room.  We were head to the lunchroom when a girl with short curly hair stops us. Erick lets go of me and walks over two her. He place a kiss on her lips and I feel my heart plum it to my stomach.

"Hey sexy." Erick says giving her slim waist a squeeze.  She smiles back up at him. What girl wouldn't be happy to be the object of Erick's affections.

"I'm going to head into the lunch room. I'll catch up with you guys later. " I say stepping around them. I can't bare the sight of them together. Neither of them seem to notice that I'm leaving.

To be honest eating is the last thing on my mind. I want to go home and ball up with my pillow and cry myself to sleep but skipping classes is my brothers thing, not mine. 

I walk into the lunch room and among the sea of tables the one with my brother Jamal is the most easily spotted. It is a table of mostly tough looking guys dressed in all black.  Jamal is siting on top of the table talking to one of his friends. He smiles when he sees me.

"What's sup April." Jamal ask when I reach his table. 

"Nothing much." I say taking an empty seat on the bench. "Just biology driving me crazy."

"Yeah I heard you got partnered up for a big project." Jamal said.

"How did you know that?"

"I've got eyes and ear all over this school." Jamal says looking around the table.

I role my eyes. Of my two brothers Jamal is the most over protective. He's got a temper that often gets him into trouble. Every time I look up he's getting into a fight with someone new. The first time I say him really fight I knew he was only playing with me. The guy he went up against hand a broken arm and rib. The most Jamal ever did to me was put me in an annoyingly uncomfortable hold. People thinks his this big scary gangster but he's actually a teddy bear.

"Heard you got paired with white boy Aden." Carter, one of Jamal's friends said.

I look at him. My eyebrows scrunching together. His got sink the color of milk and bright yellow hair he hides in a skull cap. "Carter you do know you're white too, right?"

"Yeah, but I ain't no nerdy little prep-school kid either. I was born and raised here. little ol' white and nerdy only moved here because his mommy divorced his rich a$$ daddy."

I frown. That was the second time I'd heard Aden get called by that name. I doubt he was very fond of it either.

"Yo Jamal, look there he go." Carter said pointing towards the lunch line.

We all turn and sure enough there is Aden holding his lunch tray. I smile and wave when he looks at me but he turns his head and walks away. I pull my hand down feeling  embarrassed. 

"Don't worry about him April.  His salty ass rich boy who think he can look down on everyone from the hood. He's not worth your time." My brother says.

Despite my brothers words I find myself looking up from my table to where Aden sits. He is at a table all to himself eating with his head down. I don't see a stuck up rich kid. I just see someone who has no one to sit with in a room full of people

"April where are you going?" Jamal asks as I got up.

"I'm getting  a change of scenery." I answer making my way towards Aden's table.

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