Forty Two

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I kissed her. I kissed April Robinson.

To be honest I'm really proud of myself. The whole time I was able to keep it cool but on the inside my heart was pounding hard against my rib cage.

When I leaned in to kiss her I'd been afraid she'd pull away or I'd do something wrong. It was a little odd that I was so nervous. It's not like I haven't kissed a girl before, but with April it was different.

In my head it was a perfect plan. Show Jamal that I wasn't backing down and most importantly finally get to kiss April.

Probably if I would have had a chance to think about it I would have backed down but I just went for it.

April really did bring out a different side of me.

Listening to her little moan when I licked her lip had nearly drove me insane. The situation was in dangerously close to becoming too inappropriate for public viewing, but I pulled back. It's not like I was some virgin who didn't know how to control himself. But with April that control became a little harder

When I saw how pissed Jamal was it felt like icing on the cake.

The rest of the day passes by quickly. When the final bell rings I'm excited to see April again. One kiss already had me wanting more, much more.

I wait in the hall by her locker. When I see her I can't help but to smile.  She's walking with Regina and doesn't notice me at first.

This gives me time to admire her beauty. April is such a nice girl but her curvy body is made for sin. Guys my age usually don't know how to value thick girls like April, but I sure do.

I've been with both slim and thick women and while I enjoyed both partners I've got my preferences. There was just something about having that soft thick body trembling under me as I drove us both to new heights that really just turned me on.

Something told me that with April it be like reaching all new level.

April turn and finally sees me. She freezes but then relaxes to give me a shy smile.

"Hey." I say.


There's this shy awkward moment between us where neither of us know what to say. I can't take my eyes off of her. She looks so cute when she's nervous.

"Are you ready to go home." I asked.

"Yeah, um, just let me grab my stuff."

April went into her locker and grabbed her things. Once she put on her backpack we started walking towards the door.

April walked close to me. After a few steps I wrapped a cautious arm around her shoulders. I didn't want to do anything to make her uncomfortable and I was staring to wonder if the kiss had been to far too fast. April seemed to be a lot more nervous than usual.

April tensed up a little. I was just about to let her go when she moved in closer. Her side pressed into mine and I smiled at the warmth her body brought.

"Do you remember how to get to my house?" April asked once we were in the car.

"Yeah saved your address in my phone."

I pulled it up and let the gps guide me. The last time I'd came to April's house it had been when her brother was in the hospital.

I tried not to think about that, because as much as  I knew I had to tell her I also knew there would never be a good time to share that information.

Not like I could come out and say 'hey April, so my dad tried to kill your brother but I really like you and want to be your man so let's try to move pass that whole killer dad thing.'

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. My only hope was that I could get April to love me enough not to hate me when she found out.

"Are you okay?" April asked.

"Yeah, why do you ask."

"Your eyebrows do this cute crinkly thing whenever you think about something really hard."

We reach her house and I pull over.

I turn to look at her. "I didn't know you were paying that close of attention." I say with a smile.

"What can I saw, you intrigue me, Aden Harris."  April says with smile.

"Just intrigue?"

"Well maybe it's a little bit more than intrigue at this point." April says leaning in.

I lean over too. We meet halfway over the armrest. I brush her hair back. My fingers falls against her cheek and slides do toward her lips. I hold her chin in my hand and my thumb brushes her bottom lip.

"Guess I'll have to try harder to get it at the appropriate level." I say.

"And what is that?"

I think about it for a second. "How does an all consuming burning desire sound."

April laughs "Sorry Edward but I'm no Bella."

I smile and place another quick kiss on her lips. I don't think I could ever get enough of those. She taste so sweet. The innocent uncertain way her lips move against mine is so adorable. I can't wait to do more with her.

"Good, because I much rather prefer Aprils over Bellas." I say when I pull back.

April opens her eyes and the desire in her eyes tells me she wants more. I'm almost tempted to give her just that but I'll save our make out session for later.

"Ready?" I ask.

April sighs and looks back at her house. "Not really but I guess it's better to just rip the band aid off."

"It okay April I've dealt with your brothers before."

"There not the ones I'm worried about. That big pick up truck over there means my dad's home."

April pointed to the big black ford in the drive way.

"I've meet your father before, April." I say remembering the grieving father I meet when I'd come to visit April.

April shook her head. "It'll be different this time. You'll have his full undivided attention."

"I can handle your dad April."

April gave me a look that said she wasn't so sure about that.

"Just be prepared. He comes straight out of Compton and can come off a little edgy. And if he starts talking about his gun collection don't get to nervous. He's most likely joking...hopefully." April says.

April is making her father out to sound like this big scary intimidating guy but nothing her father did could compare to what my father had done.

Mr. Robinson didn't scare me.

Author's Note: idk Aden... Maybe you should be a little bit worried. I hear her father's cold as ice (forgive the horrible pun. Sometimes I can't stop myself.)

But Aden's formally meeting her parents so that means their relationship is progressing!

Sorry all you twilight lovers for the Bella and Edward reference.

Pretty fluffy chapter but meh not ever chapter can be full of  plot twist.

P.s: Idk which version of Aden I like more the dark sexy side or the sweet shy adorable side. Like when he and April are joking and being cut together I'm all like😊 but the when dark sexy Aden come out I'm all like 😛. It's so hard to decide...good thing he's got both and I don't have to pick 😉

Until next time peace love and chocolates✌🏾️

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