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Ms. Carter continues to talk about the exam and the kid that failed. I don't really pay much attention. That exam had been a piece of cake. I was the first one to hand it in when it was over. Listening to the other students groan and gripe, I couldn't even feel sorry for them. They were all two busy worrying about stupid stuff like school gossip to really focus. 

Lucky for me I didn't have to worry about any of that stuff. I'd moved here in my second year. Clique were already formed and no one had room for the awkward white kid.  I didn't mind. I was better off working on my own. I always had been. 

"Oddly enough the other half of the class did surprising  well. Never before have I seen such a big gap in the grades.  Student's either got an A or a B, or a D or an F. " Ms. Carter continued. "That is why I've decided  to partner you up for the next project. Hopefully by working together you all can bridge the gap."

Now it is my turn to groan. The last thing I want is to be partnered with an idiot who didn't know basic biology.  I didn't see why I had to be punished for some idiots mistake.

"This next project will be a big part of your grade and to help make sure everyone does their part we will be holding a peer evaluations. Slacker will be punished." Ms. Carter says her narrowed eyes scanning the room. 

I bet she actually thinks that will do something to help. I almost laugh. If I get partnered up with one of those dumb jocks they'll probably threaten to beet the sh!t out of me if I don't give them a good review. I've been down this road enough to know.

"Grouping have already been decided. The name of your partner will be written on the top right corner of your exam. I'll pass them out and you can move your seat once I'm done." Ms. Carter says. 

She starts moving up and down the rows. I'm on the other side of the room and will be the last one to get the exam. I close my eyes and pray that I don't get partnered with any of the football team members. 

Ms. Carter finally reaches me. She places the exam fast down in front of me. I look down at it. With a deep breath I flip it over. The name April Robinson is written on top. The last name more than anything else it what captures my attention. April Robinson, the sister of Keith and Jamal Robinson, was going to be my science partner. I'd spent my whole time here trying to do everything to avoid both of the brothers. 

I look back to were she is siting. She's looking around the room probably trying to remember which one of us is Adan Harris. One of the meat heads seating behind her taps her on the shoulder. She shows him the paper. He looks at it and the turn to point towards me. I quickly look away.

This can not be happening. There has to be away for me to get out of this situation. 

"Adan Harris?" April asked standing in front of my chair. I look up, accidentally catching a glimpse of her full breast. She smiles down at me.

"Hi, I'm April." 

"I know who you are." I grumble.

"Oh, you do?" April says sounding a bit surprised. She was Keith's and Jamal's adored little sister. Not one person in this school didn't know who she was. 

"Yeah." I answer.

"Oh, well it looks like were going to be partners on this next project." 

"I suppose so." 

 This is just great. I got a hundred percent on the exam so she probably failed. She'd probably just as stupid and annoying as her brothers. 

April pulls the desk next to me over. She sits down. I can seem her fruity perfume. It's light and actually a rather pleasant scent but it still means that she too close for comfort. I shift over in my chair.

"Does my breath stink or something?" April asks.


"Why else would be scouting away for me like I've got rabies?" 

I look back at her. Her eyebrows are scrunched up and she's frowning. 

"I just like having my own space." I say.

"Oh, um, sorry?" 

April shifts to the side in her chair.  It isn't much of  a change. Her thick thighs are already taking up most of the room on the chair. They look nice and soft. I've always had a thing for girls with thick thighs.

"Adan?" April calls.

I look back up at her. I'm surprised I was staring. There's no way I could ever be attracted to a girl so closely related to the Robison brothers. 

"What were you saying?" I ask.

"I was wondering what the next project would be?" April said.

I shrug. I'm not exactly being helpful but I don't really want to have this conversation. Best case scenario she let's me handle most of the project and just show up to look pretty at the end. It'll be a hell to add to my heavy work load but anything is preferable to having to deal with a Robison.

"Alright now that you all are seating next to your partners I will tell you what the next project is. For the next project you and your partner will be having a baby together." Ms. Carter says.

The class room burst out into conversations and whispers. April and I look at each other before quickly looking away. I think it is safe to say that is something neither of us would want. 

"Quiet , quiet, let me finish before you all start talking." Ms. Carter hushes the room. 

We all quiet down, waiting to hear the rest of the story.

"No, I'm not asking you all to go out and reproduce. Lord, knows we already have a high enough teen pregnancy rate. What you and your partner will be working with is a hypothetical baby. You will do a report on the biological life of a child form conception all the way to  death. There will be several small actives to go along with the project so you need to work together and stay on top of things." Ms. Carter says.

I'm convinced this woman has it out for me. No way I can handle all of that on my own. I look at April and she has the same look of worry on her face. Looks like were both screwed on this one.

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