Thirty Four

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I look at the clock. It's only two minutes until class starts. April isn't here yet and I'm starting to get worried. I look at the door.

"Mr. Harris, do you know if Ms. Robinson will be in class today?" Ms. Carter asked.


"I'm here." April says bursting through the door.

Everyone turns to look at her. I smile happy to see that she made it.

"Quite an interesting entrance, Ms. Robinson. Glad you could join us. Now if you would be so kind as to take a seat."

"Sorry." April said as she rushed over to her seat. She hurried to pull out all of her stuff.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, no, maybe. Just got threw dealing with a lot of stuff. Honestly feeling a little disgusted with the human race."

"Been there before."

April turned to look at me. Her face looked troubled.

"I just don't understand how we can do such horrible things to one another. It's disgusting."

I frown. She's really got me worried now. "April what happened?"

"Nothing...well, nothing directly dealing with me. It's complicated."


April's answers weren't really answers. Whatever it was she didn't want to talk about it. I decided to let it go. She seemed okay and maybe it was one of those girl things.

"Alright class for those of you who missed our riveting exercise about sexual intercourse. We went over the basics of sperm and eggs. Before class ended we talked about how some couples struggle to convince can anyone give me possible reasons why?" Ms. Carter said.

We spend a good half of the class talking about all the things that can go wrong during sex that prevents people from reproducing. The last half is about std and at the end of the class she hands out condoms.

"I swear they give these things out at every chance they get. I've got a whole drawer full of them." April said.

"So you just collect them?"

April shrugs. "They might come in handy one day."

"Do you have someone in mind?"

I know she had a thing for Erick but I was kind of hoping that after everything that happened she got over it. It was still possible that she started to like a another dude. That would make things all the more complicated.

April looks back at me. Our eyes lock. She quickly looks away. "Nope, no one at all. It's probably better if I focus on school anyway. What about you?"

"I might have my eye on someone." I say as I follow her out of the room.

"Oh...really? Who is she?"

"Why worried someone might still your partner away?"

April scoffed. "No."

I thought that her no sound an awful lot like a lie. I smile. At least I know she cares.

"I mean it's not like your just going to get a girlfriend and suddenly forget me, are you?" April said turning back to look at me.

"Leave you? Not a chance. I plan on sticking around for a long time."

April smiles and I smile back. I just hope that when she finds out how much I like her she doesn't try to push me away.

"So who is she? Is she someone I know? Maybe Karrie Jonson?" April said.


Most of the student body had a thing for Karrie. She had a body straight from a teenage boy fantasy and a face twice as nice. The girls envied her because she was in a Beyoncé video and most the boys wanted her.

Even if she hadn't been one of the people who talked about me she still wouldn't be my type.

"I told you my taste are on the thicker side of life." I said.

"Oh, yeah, right I remember you saying something about Amber Riley."

"Yup I love a girl with curves."

We walk into the cafe together. Jamal and Keith are both at their table. April see them and waves.

"Are you going to sit with them today?" I ask.

April looks at me and then back at me. I can tell that she conflicted. She looks back at me and shakes her head.

"Nah, I want to here more about this mystery girl of yours." April says looping her arm around mine.

A smile tugs at the corner of my lips. "Are you sure your not jealous?"

"Of course not. We're friends, friends don't get jealous. I just want to make sure she's right for you. The best part about being friends with a girl is that they know how to pick out the bad apples."

"Yeah, okay."

April may not feel the same way about me but there's definitely something there. The more she tried to deny it the more obvious it became. I just had to add fuel to the fire.

"Hey you two." Regina said coming up behind us. Both her and Dashawn held their trays.

"You two are looking like quite the lovely couple. It's so cute I want to gag." Regina said with a smile.

April pulled her arm away and smiled at Regina.

"Hey, how are you?" April said.

"This school is hell and the people in it are sh!t but besides that pretty decent. You guys want to sit with us?"


I stare at the both of them. They almost seemed friendly with each other. When had that happened?

"I've always wondered but did you have to bleach your hair to get it that color." April asked.

"You know what that's actually a funny story..."

April and Regina walk over to the lunch table together. I stare at them with my moth hanging open.

"Girls." Dashawn says placing his hand on my shoulder. "What strange mysterious creatures they are." He shakes his head and walks over to the table.

I blink. I guess Dashawn was right about not getting involved. It looked like they had worked it out on their own. I smile and follow Dashawn.

Looks like everything worked out.


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