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After school Keith and I catch a ride home with Jamal. We all pile into the car my parent got him for his birthday. The doors dented and the paint is chipped. The ac never worked and the passenger seat window doesn't roll down, but you better not say any thing about it. Jamal loves his beat up old car. He even named it.

"Beyoncé needs an oil change." Jamal says looking at his dash.

I hold back a giggle. Boys are so weird about their cars.

"Do you need some cash? I just got paid last Friday. It wasn't much but I've got some left over." Keith offers. He got a part time job down at the library. He hates it but it as steady check.

"Naw, I'm good baby bro. I got the cash."  Jamal answered.

"You still selling weed to the security officer?" I asked.

"You know it."

I sigh. Yes my oldest brother grows weed and sells it but it's not like he's a real drug dealer. Weed isn't really a hard core drug. In fact it's a lot less harmful than some of the stuff they give you at the doctors office, but that still doesn't make what Jamal does okay. If he gets caught they would have no problem putting his black  a$$ behind bars for a long time. Jamal's to smart to spend that much of his life locked away.

"Just don't get caught please. I like having you in my life?" I say leaning forward from the back  seat.

"No worries little sis. I'm careful. I got to stick around to make sure none of these fools get too handsy  with you."

I role my eyes. There he goes slipping into over protective mood again. I don't know why he acts like this. It's not like dudes are lining up to through themselves at me. Some times he really need to learn to chill.

"Speaking of dumb fools I heard you picked a new spot to seat at for lunch." Keith said looking back at me.

"Yeah didn't know it was front page news though." I say lean back in my seat.

"It's not I just wanted to make sure Mr. Antisocial treated my sister right."

"Seriously, what am I some helpless princess. Even if Aden was mean, which I'm not saying he was, I can handle him. I don't need either of you fighting my battles." I say.

I'm a big girl who knows how to take a hit and hit back. I don't know why they keep forgetting this. Their the ones who turned me into the girl I am today. I'm not going to ball up and cry just because Aden didn't want to be my best friend. 

"Your still a girl April." Jamal said.

I rolled my eyes. " That's sexiest."

"That's the truth. Guys can be scary when they want something. Don't underestimate them just because you think you're big and bad."

"Ugh, can we please talk about something else?" I say. This current topic is making me uncomfortable. I don't want to think about ever being in a situation I can't fight my way out of.

"Molly Moore went down on me during lunch time." Keith said.

"Gross, is that where you were during lunch hour." I say. This really isn't what I meant when I asked for a change in topic. 

"Yup and let me tell you home girl does magic with her to-"

"Lalalalala. I can't hear you."  I say covering my ears. I don't know why he thinks it's so fun to gross me out with his sexual escapades.

"Jamal can you please make him stop."  I ask my other brother.

He laughs at us before telling Keith to stop.

"And that my dear sister is why you have to be careful with who you sleep with. Last thing you want is to run into a slutty man whore like our dear brother. " Jamal said pulling into out drive way.

"Hey I'll have you know that all of the woman I mess with find out encounter very pleasing." Keith said defensively.

"Is that what they tell you?"
"Nope, it's what they scream at the top their lungs." 

I shake my head and get out of the car. I love my brother but he really plays up the stereotypical over sexualized jock.

"I just hope you wear a rubber."  I say.

"Sure do and I get tested every month. I may be a man whore but I am a responsible man whore." Keith says holding his finger in the air.

I laugh and shake my head. My brother is down right hopeless.

We walk into the house. The lights are all off. It's still early so momma and daddy are probably still at work. I go up to my room and unlock my door. The locking door had been a gift from my mom after I complained about my brothers busting into my room. She said so long as I never tried to lock her or my daddy out I was allowed this one area of privacy.

I step into the room. My room doesn't look like most people would think it would. My walls are covered in post of boy bands and male singers. My sheet are white and green with pretty pick flowers on them. There are of course posters of my favorite foot ball team and action movies but over all my room is pretty girly.

I set my back down by my desk and plop down on my bed.  It the tropical beach soap I use. I cuddle up with my body sized pillow and think of all that happened today. It would seem my romance with Erick was over before it even started.

I sigh. Yet the another guy taken of the boyfriend list  and added to the boy friend list. At this point I'm all out of future prospects. There's no other boy I can see myself ever being together with.

For some reason Aden's face pops into my head. I remember that he gave me his number and I never got around to giving him mine. I reach into my pocket and text the number on the piece of paper.

April: sup sexy hope you ready for this baby 😘

He should be able to tell that it's me from that text message.  My phone buzzes and I quickly look at the message.

Aden:😑... Are u going to be like this for the whole project?

I laugh think about the face Aden must have made when I first texted him. For some reason I find it fun messing with him.

April: idk which way do you want me daddy? 💋🍌💋

Aden:...goodbye April.

April: lol goodbye Aden. See you in class tomorrow. 😊

I put down my phone. Despite what everyone thinks I don't think Aden's that bad of a guy. He seems kind of lonerish and he rubs people the wrong way but so far he doesn't seem too bad. I'm actually looking forward to the project. I'll help him out of his shell and he'll help me improve my grade. Everyone wins.

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