Thirty Five

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So Aden likes someone. That's cool. I mean it's not like he's not allowed to like people. His a healthy boy it was only a matter of time before he found a girl he liked and that's cool. Everything's cool, great even. I'm not even one bit jealous.

It's not like I wanted him to like me. We're friends. He's my friend and I'm one hundred percent cool with him liking a different girl.

"April." Regina asked.

I look up at her.

"Is there any reason your holding that fork like you want to stab somebody in the eye with it?" Regina asked.

I look down at the fork in griping. I hadn't realized I'd been taking my frustrations out of on the silverware. I let it go and my hand feels crapped from holding it so tight.

I smile at her. "Sorry about that I was just thinking."

"About what? Murder?"


Although if this mystery girl ever hurt Aden that could be an option.

I look over at Aden. He sits next to me talking to Dashawn about some computer game I've never heard of. At first I tried to keep up but all the computer gaming lingo had my head spinning.

"Ignore them. I've seen this happen before with Dashawn's other friends. They start talking in their nerd code and it's like they enter their own world." Regina said.

I turn to look back at her. "So you don't speak computer either."

"No my talents are more along the dark poetic stuff. Dashawn thinks it pretty funny but technology always seems to malfunction when ever I'm around."

"Same. If Keith hadn't helped me fix my computer I probably would have failed my history project last semester."

Regina gets quiet. Her expression turned to one of irritation. I forgot about her general dislike of the football team. After every thing that happened I couldn't blame her.

I just got her to like me. It was probably best if I avoided mentioning anything that had to deal with my brothers, for now at least.

I change the topic and we talk about shopping. Turns out Regina liked makeup just as much as I did. She usually bought the darker pallets but still it was nice to have someone to talk to about this stuff.

The bell rang and we all stood up. Aden and I waved to Dashawn and Regina.

Aden walked with me to my class. He never usually came this far with me before. We usually went our separate ways once we left class.

"Isn't your class the other way?" I asked.

Aden just shrugged. I wasn't going to complain.  I liked the extra time with him but I didn't want him to be late to class.

We arrive to my  class and honestly I'm sad to see him go.

"Remember when you asked me to help you with bio?" Aden asked.


That was the day I kissed him in front of the whole class. It was kind of hard for me to forget.

"Well I was thinking about it and I'm free today. Instead of riding home with your brothers we could go somewhere quiet maybe get so coffee and I could help you go over some stuff. I'll drop you off once we're done." Aden said.

"Okay, yeah. That's sounds great." I say.

I'm going to have to tell my brothers. Jamal might be a little but disappointed but this was my education we were talking about and I did miss all those days.

"You sure? You don't seem as enthusiastic as you were when I first offered it." Aden said.

"What do you want, me to kiss you again?" I joke.

"Well I wouldn't be opposed to it."

Aden's eyes lock with mine. My heart skips a beat. There is the hint of that same dark sexiness I saw earlier.

I laugh nervously. "You can't be serious."

"I mean it's okay if you don't want to. We don't have to study-"

Aden stops speaking when I grab his shirt. I move quickly. Standing on my tip toes I place a quick kiss on his cheek before letting him go.

"See you after school." I say before hurrying inside of the classroom.

I take my seat in the back of the classroom. I try to take a deep breath. My heart is racing a hundred miles per hour. I can't believe I just did that.

It wasn't like the last time. I actually planned on kissing him. I wanted it, like really, really, wanted it.

What the hell was I thinking.

But he asked for it hadn't he? Or was that all a joke. I hadn't stuck around to see the look on his face.

All my horrible insecurities start to bubble towards the surface.

It had to be a joke. He said he already had someone he liked.

But what if he'd been talking about me? The only information he'd given me was that she was on the thicker side. There were at least five other girls in our grade I consider to fit that description.

Erick had claimed to be into thick girls. That was part of the reason I thought he had wanted to be something more but in the end he picked Natalie.

I had a horrible track record of thinking guys were into me only to find out they saw me as a friend. I didn't trust my own judgement anymore. It would kill me if the same thing happened with Aden.

Kiss him was so stupid, but some how I find myself wanting more. 

My inner thoughts seem to be at war. For the whole class I'm too distracted by my thoughts to retain any of the information the teacher gives.

The rest of my classes are pretty much the same. When the final bell rings I'm surprised to see Jamal standing outside of my door.

"Hey, April." Jamal greets with a smile.


"You ready to go?"

"About that... I'm actually going to catch a ride with Aden."

"Why? I thought we were good."

"We are. He's just going to help me study."

Jamal frowns "I can help you."

"Yeah right. Do I need to remind you what happened last time."

That was the last fight we had before the one about Aden. Our study had ended with us yelling at each other and me trying to strangle him. That was the day I found out that not every smart person made a good teacher.

"But I thought we hang out today." Jamal said.

"We can tomorrow, I promise."

"Whatever April. I thought with me getting out of the hospital and all you might want to spend time with me."

"Jamal you know that's not fair."

I spent the whole extra day off of school hanging out with him.

"Fine have fun with Aden. I'm going to go see Keith later April." Jamal says. He gives me a quick peck on the cheek and turns to leave.

I sigh. He's definitely still upset. Sometimes dealing with Jamal was like walking through a land min. The strangest things seemed to upset him.


I turn around to see Aden standing behind me. He smiles and my heart starts going all crazy again.

"You ready?" Aden asked.

Author's note: So not quite the first kiss we're  all waiting for but we're getting closer...

Who do you think will make the first move?

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