Twenty Eight

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I was headed to my father's door when I called April. It had been an accident. I meant to text but I hit call. I'm glad I did.

After hearing April's voice I knew I had better places to be. I turned back around And headed towards my car.

"Jackson, I need my keys back." I say stoping Jackson, my father's butler.

"Young master Harris I doubt your father would approve of your leaving." Jackson said.

"Yeah well there isn't much I do that he approves of"

I hold out my hand. I don't have time for this. April is back at her house and she needs someone to be there for her.

Jackson looked at my hand and sighed. He pulled out the keys and dropped them into my hand.

"Your father will not be pleased." Jackson said but I was already moving.

"He'll get over it." I shout back.

I hope in my car. Once the engine roars to life I pull of and head down the road. It's a good thing I saved April's address from the time she asked me to pick her up.

I speed down the road. I switch over to my Bluetooth so that I can still hear April. I told her to stay on the phone until I got there.

"I'm coming April." I say.


Her voice is broken and I can hear her trying to stifle her tears. My grip around the wheel tightens as I push down on the pedal. I go as fast as I can without crashing.

When I pull up in front of her house I come to a hard stop. My body jerks forward and I quickly unbuckle my seat belt. I rush up to her front door and ring the door bell.

The door opens and I see an older man. He has features that strongly resemble both Keith and Jamal. His eyes are red and full of broken sadness. He has to be her father.

"Mr. Robinson-"

"We haven't heard anything about Jamal we will tell all his friends once we know something more. Until then we'd like a little a lone time." Mr. Robinson said in a tired voice.

"I understand that sir but-"

"Aden" Keith's voice called.

I looked past Mr. Robinson to see Keith standing behind him. Mr. Robinson looks back at his youngest son.

"Is he one of your friends." Mr. Robinson asked.

"No, his actually one of April's." Keith said.

Mr. Robinson turned to look back at me. His eyes looked me up and down.

"That's the reason I'm here sir. I came to see April." I say.

"Well now isn't a good time. We're dealing with some family matters right now. Sorry." Mr. Robinson said as he started to close the door.

My hand shot out stopping the door from moving. Mr. Robinson looked at me like I was crazy.

"Sorry sir, but April called me and I'm not leaving before I know that she's okay." I say.

Mr. Robinson is just as big and scary as his sons but what I said was the truth. I wasn't going anywhere until I knew April was okay. The sound of her sad voice nearly broke my heart. I couldn't just leave her alone.

"Dad, let him in. He's her friend and right now April needs some one. She hasn't said a word to any of us since we left the hospital." Keith said.

I look at him. If you would have told me a week ago that Keith would be jumping to my defense to let me see his little sister I would have called you crazy.

Mr. Robinson looked at me again. He stared me down for a moment longer and the stepped back.

"Thank you sir." I say before raising pass him.

"Where's April?" I asked Keith.

"Second floor third door on the right."

I follow his instruction up the stairs and to the third door on the right. I open the door and the first thing I see is April siting on the floor. There are photo spread out all around her.

I step into the room and she looks up at me. Her face is covered in tears. Pain spikes though my chest.

April was the nicest people I knew. Her life was meant to be full of smiles. Seeing her with tears running down her face felt wrong and unjust. Her eyes seem to sadden as she looks at me.

"Jamal he..." April started again. She looked down at the photo. Her hand covered her mouth as she began to cry harder.

I don't ask her to finish. I just walk in the room and sit down on my knees next to her. I take her free hand in mine. She turns to look at me and our eyes lock.

"I'm here April." I say my hand brushing away her tears. "For whatever you need, for as long as you need."

April wraps her arms around me. Her head rest on my chest and her hands grip the fabric of my shirt. I hold her back not caring that my shit is wet from her tears. I hold her as tight as I can without hurting her.

April might be a tough girl but she feels so fragile in my arms. It reminds me of those nights mom would sit up crying because dad stayed out all night. I try to hug away the oak the similar way I did with April. The difference was that in this case I wasn't sure who to be mad at.

What happened to Jamal was clearly hurting April but I couldn't be mad at him for being sick.

Unable to protect her from grief I do the only thing I can do. I hold her until the tears stop flowing.

After a moment April finally pulls away. That was the closest we've every been and I don't want to let her go. The ridiculous ideal of holding onto her forever and protecting her from the world enters my head but I quickly push it away.

I release my hold on April and look down at her face.

"I'm sorry I made you come all the way over here." April says wiping her tears away.

"April, there's no way I was just going to leave you alone. Friend are there when you need them. And we're friends, aren't we?"

"Yeah." April said with a smile even though the tears were still welling up in her eyes. "We're friends" she reaches down and holds my hand. Our fingers interlock. "But you Aden are so much more. For some reason you fell like one of the few things that's keeping me grounded."

My heart races at her words but I try to ignore it. I don't want to think to deeply about her words. She's emotional and I don't want to make something out of nothing. Right now there are more important things to worry about.

"So tell me what happened." I say.

Author's note: looks like April and Aden's relationship is developing. 😩 they are so cute together.😍 Don't you just wish they were a couple?

But any way seeing as how I'm not a fan of long coma scenes we'll probably find out if Jamal lives or dies by the next chapter. Not sure because I haven't written it yet.😬

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