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I pull up to the hospital and April out of the car before I even turn off the engine. I unbuckle my seatbelt and follow her in. She runs down the halls and I have to pick up my speed to keep up with her. We take another turn and after passing two door April pushes the third one open.

Her family is all standing around Jamal's bed. Jamal smiles when he sees her. Their is a bright affection inside of his eyes that I doubted he was even capable of.

He opens his arms and April races over to him. She falls into his arms and buries her head into his chest. Jamal wraps his arms around her and holds her tight against him.

I swallow and take a step back. I don't belong here. This moment is clearly for April and her family. It feels like I'm intruding on their time. I turn to leave.

"Aden" Jamal calls my name.

I turn back around to look at him. He's still holding onto April.

"I just wanted to apologize for what I did to you. It was stupid and caused a fight that never should have happened." Jamal said.

"Yeah, okay... you just... feel better."

Jamal's apology feels a lot less real than Keith did. Even if his apology was real I don't know if I can forgive him, but that's not something I can say with his family around. What matters is that April is better now. She got her brother back.

"Will do, and thanks for bringing her back to me." Jamal says with a smirk.

Something in his voice rubs me the wrong way. There is something almost condescending about the way he says it. For some reason the possessive hold he has on April makes my blood boil, which is stupid because he's her brother. I'm definitely making something out of nothing.

"Yeah she was worried about you." I say.

"Well little sis you don't have to worry because I'm definitely not going anywhere." Jamal says looking down at April. He places a kiss on her forehead. Jamal's eyes flick back toward me and I swear I see a challenge inside of his eyes.

Okay,....what the fvck was that?

Jamal lets go of April and she stands up. She smiles down at her brother.

"I'm glad your okay, but don't you ever do that again." April said punching him in his arm.

Jamal laughs. "You know, April, maybe you should find away to express your emotions that doesn't use violence." He says in a teasing tone.

"Oh whatever, you can handle it."

"Sure can." Jamal says smiling at her.

Something about the atmosphere around them seems almost flirty and really weird. That more than anything makes me think it's time to go. I just seem to be getting more upset the longer I stay here.

"I think I'm going to take off." I say.

April looks back at me. Her face falls a little bit. "Do you have to go?"

"My parents might start to worry if I stay gone for too long."


April walks over to me. She hugs me and I hug her back.

"Thank you for today." April whispered.

I squeeze her a little tighter because I don't really want to let her go.

Jamal makes a little groan noise. April quickly pulls back and turns too look at him. She quickly walks back over to his bedside.

"Are you okay?" April asked.

"Yeah I just hurt myself moving around." Jamal answered.

That sounds like total bull, but I seem to be the only one who notices. I shake my head and turn to leave. I really do need to get out of this room before I say something.

I glad his not dead but that didn't mean I hated Jamal any less.

I leave the hospital and hop back on the road. After the long drive back home I'm more than a little tired. Today really has been on hell of a day. I pull into my drive way and turn off my car.

I walk up to the door but it opens before my hand is even on the nob. My moms worried face stares back at me.

"Where have you been Aden? I got seven calls from your father saying that you disobeyed him and took off. The way he said it you think you'd committed a capital offense. Normally I can just ignore him but you didn't even answer my calls." Mom said.

I looked down at my phone and say that I did have several missed calls. "I didn't hear it ring." 

Mom sighs and opens the door wider. "We'll come on in. It's late and a school night. You should already be sleeping."

I step in through the door. Most of the lights are off and it looks like everyone is sleeping.

"You know I was talking to your father. He said he could get you back into your old school if you wanted to go back." Mom says in a small voice.

"Are you sending me away?"

"No Aden I'm just putting the option out on the table. If it's getting too bad here-"

"If your not sending me away then I'm not leaving."

Mom stared at me. There was conflict inside her ocean blue eyes. She didn't want me to go but she didn't want me getting hurt.

"Really mom I like it here. It feels like a family here with David and Michael. That's not what I feel when I go back with dad. You know the moment I step foot in that house the evil b!tch is going to make me enemy number one."

My mother grimaced at the mention of my father's second wife. "She can't do anything. You're your father's first son whether she likes it or not. The company and the inheritance are all rightfully yours."

"Yeah but I don't want to live in a house were everyone hates one another and I definitely don't want to fight over money. Besides my friends are here."

My mother perks up at this. "Friends? You never bring them around here."

"Well there kind of knew. I already told you about one. April, my bio partner. That's where I was today. We went to go look at the moon together."

A slow smile spreads across my mother's face. I can already tell what she is thinking.

"Well, I'm glad your happy Aden. She does make you happy, doesn't she?" Mom asked.

I think back to when we were on top of the car. I laid there playing with the ends of her hair and felt truly content with life. My heart pounds at the thought, because deep down I'm starting to realize something.

What I feel when I'm with April isn't even remotely close to what I feel with any one else. Seeing her with Jamal, even though he was her brother and no threat at all, made my blood boil.  I didn't want other guys to hold her like that ever.

As much as I wanted to be friends with April I knew soon it wouldn't be enough. Because deep down I wished to touch her and hold her in ways that could never be described as friendly.

I wanted to taste her, fell her body wither under me, and listen to her breathy moans. I wanted her the way a man wanted a woman.

"Aden?" Mom asked.

I swallow back my desire and look up at her. "Yeah, April makes me happy mom."

Author's Note: yeah so I wrote that and even I wasn't prepared for it. Aden's got some hot blooded desires for April.

It might seem like he was being a little passive at the hospital but that was because Jamal just came back from the dead and his family was around. Also he doesn't know that April's brothers are her step brothers so he was probably a little confused and weirded out. At school the way he deals with Jamal will be different, especially since he finally admitted to wanting more from his relationship with April.

Until next time ✌🏾

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