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I can't believe my brothers are using there physical strength to bully people. I've always hated bullies. Only the cowardly pick on people who can't fight back. It's hard to picture that my brothers could ever be like that. I almost don't believe it but then I think about the way they talked about Aden earlier. 

It's horrible to think my brothers could do that but not completely outside the realm of possibilities.

I'd seen an uglier side of Erick today. Even with me being angry at Aden I knew that Erick was wrong. He was poking at Aden knowing he wouldn't fight back. It was the most unattractive thing I've ever seen him do.

"Alright now's the time to pull out sheet of paper and start your list. One paper per group." Ms. Carter says.

I look back over at Aden. His shuffling through his papers looking a spare sheet. He looks over at me.

"Do me a favor April and stop looking at me like I'm a wounded animal."

"I wasn't-I'm not-I just-" I stumble over my words. I'm only making it more uncomfortable for the both of us.

Aden sighs, sitting back in his seat. "Look lets just focus on completing this weird project, okay."

I nod and take the paper from Aden. I scribble my name on top and hand it back to him. I want to say something but I'm not sure what. Aden might be right on this one. For now I'll focus on project and I can deal with my brothers afterwards. Best believe they will be dealt with.

"Okay, so I guess what this is asking is what type of guy are you attracted to?" Aden said looking back over at me.

"Um..." It feels weird talking about this with Aden. I usually go for guys who are the exact opposite of him. Erick my usual type but in light of all that happened I don't want to say that.

"Let me guess tall dark and brainless. " Aden says looking back over my shoulder. I follow his gaze to see Erick talking to his partner.

I look back at Aden. Our eyes locked. My eyes widen as I realize what Aden is implying. He knows about my crush. I don't understand how. It's not like I ever vocalized those feelings.

"Oh come on April. You practically drool over him each class we have together?" Aden says.

My face heats up. If Aden noticed that probably means other people did too.

"I didn't realize you paid that much attention to me. From what I gather you were happy ignoring all of us. " I say feeling a bit defensive.

"Yeah, well..."

Aden looks down at his paper. I watch him. His face has a slight pinkish tint to it. Interesting.

A moment of awkward silences paces before I say, " I don't like them brainless. I happen to find smart people very attractive."

Aden looks back up at me. "Yeah right."

"It's true. Young Einstein could totally get it."

For the first time I see Aden crack a genuine smile. I can see that he doesn't believe me but boy does that kid light up when he smiles. I smile back.

"What about you? Let me guess. Are you a Emma Watson or a Megan Fox type of guy." I ask. Most guys like either on or the other. A lot like both.

"More like Amber Riley or Adele."Aden says.


I got to say that a pleasant surprise. Not that I have anything against the other two it's just nice to see a guy my age giving the big girls some love.

"Yup." Aden says. He seems to be getting redder with each passing second. It actually kind of... cute.

I clear my throat and look away. Now I can feel my face heating up too. Thanks again for this darker skin. If I was Aden color I'd probably spend most of my life looking like a tomato.

"So, um, what else do you like?" I ask. Ugh, this whole this is awkward as hell.

"I don't know. I guess I would want my girlfriend to have a kind heart." Aden said.

"So you like them sweet. Me too. I love a guy who's caring."

Aden looks over at me. I can see the skepticism in his eyes. Thinking about Erick I don't blame him for having his doubts.

"I'm telling the truth. I may be attracted to a guy because he looks nice but a$$holes are a major turn off. Momma always say you judge a guy on how he treats others. If you go on a date and he doesn't tip the service best cut and run."

"Your mom sounds like a smart lady."

I smile. "She is. You to probably get along. She a super smart person who completely doesn't understand how her daughter can't seem to pass basic biology."

The word come out before I have a chance to think about them. I didn't mean to share that much. It's hard being the dumb one in a house full of smart people.

"Well you aren't the only one. Over half this class is failing." Aden says looking around the room.

"Is that suppose to make me feel better?"

"Kind of. At least you know it's not just you. You probably just need a different teacher."

"A different teacher? That'll be an easy find."I say looking over at Ms. Carter. She was a nice lady but every time she talked I felt like my head was spinning.

" I could help."Aden say in a hushed voice.

I look back at him. "What was that?"

"I could help. I use to tutor. I'm a pretty decent teacher." Aden said.



"You do know that would mean spending more time with me. Time you not obligated to. Outside side of the time we will already have to spend together for the project."

Aden looks annoyed. "If you don't want to we don't-"

"No this is great. Thank you." I say lean over to kiss him on the cheek in my excitement.

I realize what I'm doing a moment too late. The room goes silent all around us. I pull back and judging by the wide eyed expression on his face he's just as surprised as I am.

Someone clears their throat.

I turn and to my horror. Ms. Carter is standing behind us.

"Ms. Robinson I understand these can be so very stimulating topics for someone your age but I appreciate if you save the pda for after class hours." Ms. Carter says.

I look at her and all I can think is kill me now.

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