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I heading to class when out of nowhere someone grabs me from behind. They their arm around my neck bring me down into a head lock.

"Say uncle." A voice that I instantly recognize as my brother. I ball up my fist and punch him in the stomach. He groans before letting me go. I stand up.

"Uncle." I say with a smiled.

Keith, my brother, straightens and smiles. It would take more than one punch to take the massive football player down.

"Dang girl, who taught you how to punch." Keith says rubbing his stomach.

"You did."

"I may not have thought that one through."

I laugh. My brothers and I have been roughhousing ever since I was a baby. Jamal, my oldest brother, said that the first time he saw me my fist were ball up like I was waiting for a fight. I doubt it's a true story seeing as how he would have been two at the time, but Jamal is always coming up with crazy stories like that.

"So were you headed, little sis?" Keith asked.

"Oh you mean before you so rudely tried to headlock me? I was heading to biology." I say staring to walk down the path I was originally headed.

Keith follows me. "Ahh,yes the old dreaded biology. I hated that class."

"Hated it? You hardly went to it. How can you hate it?"

Math and science were not my brother's cup of tea. He was a smart guy and could probably do anything he put his mind to but he hardly ever put his mind toward things he didn't like. Kith could spend a whole day practicing football but the moment you put a textbook in front of him he became a winey little kid.

"The two times I did go I found rather deplorable." Keith said sticking his nose in the air.

I laughed again."Look at you big bro, using your big people words." I said sarcastically.

"I is smart." Keith answered with a big goofy smile.

I shake my head at him. Ever the goofball, my brother. "Remind me again how it is that you're not failing all of your classes?"

"I go down on all of the nerdy chicks."

I role my eyes."Yup and on that note I'm leaving."

I speed up my pace. Keith laughs at me but doesn't follow. I love my brothers but there are definitely some draw backs to being raised around teenaged boys. One of them being that if your brother was a man whore like Keith, half of the girls you ran into had probably already slept with him. The other half were silently hoping for the chance.

I make it to biology before everyone else, well mostly everyone. There is a boy sitting in the front corner of the room. I don't know how he does it but he always makes it here before everyone else. He has his head phones plugged in and his reading a book. The soft sun light gives him a nice glow and sparkles off of his glasses. I'm almost tempted to pull out my phone and snap a photo but that would be super creepy.

I step into the room and pick a seat towards the middle of the rolls. I pull out my notebook and pencil The last test that we had in biology didn't go so well so I've deiced to step up my game. Today I'll be fully focused and a good note taker. I will not be defeated by high school biology!

I'm in the zone for learning but then I'm completely knocked off when Erick Walker steps into the classroom. I look at him and lose all of my focus. He is the definition of sexy with his smooth mocha skin and broad shoulders. His eyes are deep brown and his jaw line square. My eyes travel down the rest of his body. God, I love what football does to boy's bodies. He's on the football team with Keith.

Erick looks over at me and smiles. I feel my heart skip a beat. He makes his way over to me. "Sup, April."

"Hey Erick." I say. My stupid heart is running an marathon inside of my chest.

"Sorry I couldn't come over last night. Keith told you I couldn't make it right?"

"Yeah he told me."

Last night Erick was suppose to take me to the movies. There was this new action movie we'd both been dying to see. I tried to get my brothers to take me but they were both busy.

"Natalie stopped by last night." Keith says.

I feel a knife cut through my heart.

"She agreed to go out with me."

It's digging in deeper.

"Keith keeps making fun of me but I don't know. It's never been like this with any of the other girls. With them it was all about sex but with her it's different. You know what I mean don't you, April?"

It's over I'm dead. All that's left is to put me in a coffin and bury me deep.

I fight back the need to cry and smile at Erick. "I totally understand. If she makes you happy that's all that matters." I say.

Erick smiles. "Thanks April. You saying that means a lot to me. You're the coolest friend a guy could have." He says delivering the final deadly blow. Erick pats me on the shoulder before taking the seat behind me.

Once again it's hello friend zone. This time it's worse than before because some how I diluted myself into believing that Erick and I could actually be something. I'm a thick girl  who likes action movies and sports. Most guys in the school just see me as one of the boys but I'm not. I'm a girl and I've got the parts to prove it. I  like cheesy romance novels, cupcakes, nail polish, and most of all boys; but none of them ever see that.

For once I would like a boy to look at me and see a attractive girl not just a possible buddy.  I want a boyfriend not just boys who are friends.

I'm deep into my sulk when Ms. Carter, our biology teacher walks into the room.

"Okay class, I've got your test results and let me start off by saying some of the are down right terrifying." Ms. Carter says.

I groan. No way this day could get any worse.

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