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Warning: Lots and lots of roasting and Author-chan XD

(A/N: I thought I would do this for fun ya know. Let me know if you guys liked it or do you want me to just stick with what I usually write. Advice is very helpful :3)

~No One's POV~

You were heading towards the soccer field for some practice since you have a big game in a few days. You were the captain of the girl's soccer team since you were one of the best players. You continued to walk to the field, only to be greeted by a busy girl.

"Hi (Y/N), you're going to practice right?" She asked you. You nodded your head in reply. "Maybe after practice, we can hang out?" she asked, grabbing your left hand. "Well.... umm..." you said nervously. She grabbed your hand, bringing it up to her chest.  You could feel your face heat up, trying to pull your hand away. "He-Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" You yelped, pulling your arm away from her. "Oh come on. Let's have a little fun." She said seductively. She then squishes your hand into her chest, making your face burn with embarrassment. 

"Eh em!" A loud, firm voice said behind you. You turned your head to see Nico standing behind you with jealousy and annoyance in her eyes. "Excuse me what do you think you're doing?" Nico said, trying hard not to hiss at her. You gulped and continued to try to pull your hand away, "Nico, it's not what you think." She rolls her eyes and continued to glare at the girl. 

"You didn't answer my question. What do you think you're doing?" She asked once more irritated. "Well, I'm just hanging out with this sexy thing over here." She said, tracing your abs with her other hand.  "He-hey! Cut it out already!" You growled, trying to shove her away. She pouted and began to jump up and down, causing her breasts to jump. "But senpai!" She whined. Your face was probably flushed red right now. 

"Oh hey guys." Another voice said. You looked to see Maki and Umi holding hands with Author-chan by their side and walking towards you guys. (A/N: I'm sorry. I love Maki x Umi. It's my OTP. I have nothing wrong against Maki x Nico but I just prefer Maki x Umi more. Don't judge me, you have your ships and I have mine.) "Umm, (Y/N) what are you doing?" Umi asked with a raised eyebrow. "Help me." You hissed. "Senpai, you're so mean!" The girl whined. "Excuse me, you just grabbed my hand and shoved it into your.... chest...." You said. Maki just rolled her eyes, "Just pull away. You are supposed to be the captain of the soccer team." You glared at Maki, causing Umi to give you a death glare. "She's stronger than she looks." You replied simply, not wanting Umi to hurt you. 

'I swear, my arm is losing blood circulation because of this girl.'' You thought.

"Look girl, the person you're touching is my girlfriend." Nico growled. Nico grabs your other hand and pulls you towards her direction. "Oh please. Like my senpai would love someone like you." She rolled her eyes. "Excuse me?!" Nico yelled. You gulped as you watched the two girls fight over you. Maki, Umi, and Author-chan was watching in the distance, eating some popcorn. "Senpai would love someone with breasts like mine and someone pretty as me. Unlike a certain someone." She said, looking up and down at Nico. Nico gritted her teeth with anger as she tightens her grip on you. "At least, I don't look like a slut like you!" Nico shot back. 

"OHHHHHHH" Author-chan yelled, spilling some popcorn. "Baka, you spilled the popcorn!" Umi growled, chopping Author-chan on the head. "Owww..." Author-chan whined in pain.

"Excuse me?! What did you say?" The girl growled. "Oh sorry, you didn't hear me. It's probably because those things on your chest are cutting the circulation off from your head." Nico smirked.

"OOOOHHH MYYY GAWWWDDDD!!!" Author-chan laughed, causing Maki and Umi to roll their eyes.

"You're gonna pay short stack!" She yelled. Nico's left eye then flinched. Oh no. "What did you just call me Thunder Tits!" Nico shouted. Nico stomped up to the girl and slapped her with the back of her palm hard. You gasped as you watched what happened in front of me. This is why you don't get in fights with Nico anymore. She will kick the literal shit outta you. "Why you little....." The girl growled and walked forward, loosening the grip on your hand. You pulled your hand away and quickly wrapped your arms around Nico. "Don't you dare insult my girlfriend." You growled, glaring at her. She looked at you with surprise before stepping back a little. "Just you wait short stack. One day she's gonna come running to me." She growled to Nico before stomping off.

"Boo! Get outta here!" Author-chan yelled, throwing popcorn at the girl. "YOU LITTLE PIECE OF!" She yelled. "Oopies! Didn't see ya there!" Author-chan said playfully and stuck out her tongue, causing everyone else to snicker. "Sorry, you can clearly see that she's not the brightest." Umi said to Nico and you, looking at Author-chan. "So mean! >3<!"  Author-chan cried in fake agony.

 You look down at my girlfriend, who still looked like she needs to stab a bitch. "Hey baby, are you still mad?" You frown, poking her cheeks. She swatted your hands away, "Of course I am! That bitch touched what was rightly mine." You smiled and kissed her on the cheek, "You're so cute and protective when you're jealous. Maybe I should get you more jealous." "Hey. Watch it." Nico glared. "Kidding." You smiled. "Besides I rather have an adorable loli girlfriend instead of someone like her any day." Nico blushed at the comment, hiding her face in my chest. "Baka.... baka.... baka..... baka like Author-chan." 

Author-chan's expression -------> ( ̄□ ̄) (critical hit in the heart)

You smiled and grabbed her by the chin. You lean down to give her a small yet sweet peck on the lips. "Really, that's all I get after fighting for you?" Nico teased. You rolled your eyes playfully before give her a passionate kiss on the lips. "Don't you have a soccer practice to go to?" Nico asked, pulling away. You shrugged, "Meh. Rather be here with you instead." 

"Kawaii!!!" Author-chan and Maki squealed and fangirled while Umi stood there watching here girlfriend and her dumb friend with this expression.

"Kawaii!!!" Author-chan and Maki squealed and fangirled while Umi stood there watching here girlfriend and her dumb friend with this expression

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