Nozomi Tojo x Cheater! Female Reader (Lemon)

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(A/N: Cause why not. And btw you're the submissive one.)

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~Nozomi's POV~

I just came from a cafe and all I wanted to do was embrace my girlfriend. Maybe a little bit of sex but I mostly wanted to just hold her and go to sleep. My friend who invited me to go to the cafe left early since she had to go babysit some kid. I walked into my living room to see that (Y/N) wasn't in here. When I was about to hang my coat, I looked over to see someone else's coat. I felt the blood in my body run cold. I walked to the room that me and (Y/N) shared but as I reached for the door, I heard a quiet moan coming from the bedroom. I decided to stay quiet for a while, hoping that my brain was playing tricks on me. But I then heard the bed creaking and another moan.

I felt my fists clutch tightly as anger and fear washed through my body. I grabbed the doorknob and swung the door wide open. I wished I haven't seen any of this. What I saw made my heart crack and anger wash over me. I saw my girlfriend straddling another girl while kissing her. I felt my stomach drop and my heart crack. I couldn't help but stop a sob escaping from my mouth.

Both of them looked towards me. The girl's eyes widen with shock as she stared at me with disbelief. "Nozomi, wait I can explain-" (Y/N) said in  a panic, getting off the girl and walked towards me. I glared up at her and pushed her away from me. I looked at the girl who was now off the bed and putting on her clothes quickly. As she walked out the door, she looked at me with sadness in her eyes. "I'm so sorry about this. I didn't know she had a girlfriend. I hope you two will figure this out." She said as she went out. 

I looked down at (Y/N), who had fallen onto the ground when I pushed her. She stared up at me with teary eyes. She started explaining why she did it, how sorry she was, how she should never do it again, and that if I broke up with her, she would understand. The bit of my anger began to fade away, but not all of it. I was still angry that she was having sex with another girl. Am I really that bad? I was angry that she hooked up with some random girl.

"Get up," I said sternly at (Y/N). She slowly stood up, not meeting my eyes. I gripped onto her shoulder and slammed my lips onto hers. I bit her bottom lip hard, causing her to moan in pain and pleasure. 

I pulled away from the kiss a minute later. (Y/N)'s cheeks were flushed red as she was panting slightly. "Tell me. How did it feel when she had sex with you," I asked her. She didn't reply and only lowered her head even more. I growled and grabbed her by the chin and looked into her eyes. "Tell me now," I repeated. "It felt good," she whimpered quietly. I sighed and pushed her onto her bed then climbing on top of her, my hand trailing up and down her side. 

"Nozomi what're-" I cut her off when I reached my hand down to her womanhood, brushing gently against her heat. She bit her lip and crossed her legs. "Am I really that bad in bed that it made you replace me?" I said huskily. "N-no, it's not like that," she said, squirming. I pulled my hand away, leaving her whining. "Tell me clearly, what you want me to do?" I said, tracing my hand in her inner thighs. "Touch me down there," She panted.

I smirked and pressed my thumb on her heat. "Like this?" I said. She bucked her hips and panted harder. "Ha-harder..." She said between pants. "Harder?" I asked, rubbing her heat quicker. Her hips bucked, meeting my movement as she begged and whined. "You're so wet down here. You must really want it. " I purred, quickening my pace. She nodded desperately, her cheeks bright red. I bit on her collarbone, my fingers sliding in and out of her. "Oh god...." She moaned loudly, throwing her head back in pleasure. "Nozomi, I'm so close..." She panted.

"No way. It's too early." I said, pulling my hand away. She whined and tried to wrap her legs around my hand, but I was stronger so I pulled my hand out. "Please....." She whimpered. I ignored her and went on my knees, pulling her legs to the end of the bed. I licked her heat slowly, causing a long moan coming out from her. "Nozomi, please...." She begged. She began grinding her hips against my face as I stuck my tongue into her. "I'm so close.." She groaned. "You're cute when you beg baby," I said, quickening my movements. "Please Nozomi, I'm so close," She begged, her eyes clouded with lust. I shoved my tongue deeper into her, making her hips jerk as she gave a low groan. I used my hands pin down her thighs. "You can come now," I murmured, pulling my face away then shoving my fingers into her. 

Just a few seconds later, she gave a  loud, shaky moan before climaxing on my fingers. I laid down next to her, the silence filling the room. "I'm really sorry," (Y/N) whispered, clutching onto the bedsheets. I looked over to her to see her back facing me. I sighed and scooted closer to her then wrapped my arm around her waist. I pressed her naked body against my clothed one. I gently kissed her on the neck and smelling her scent. "I promise I won't do it again. Please don't leave me." She said, her voice cracking. I turned her head a bit and placed a loving kiss on her lips. After minutes later, I pulled away and placed my forehead against hers. "I won't ever leave you. I love you too much. I forgive you." I said soothingly. I held onto her for dear life, she didn't seem to mind. We held each other tightly until we fell asleep.

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