Maki Nishikino x Musician! Tomboy! Female Reader

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-Your POV-

I was walking to the park with a guitar on my back. I put a hoodie over my face so no one could see me.  I am an American pop star, I was also well-known all over the world especially Japan. I usually write my own lyrics and compose my own music. I found a nice spot on the grass and set up there. I put down the guitar and got my paper and pencil out.  My manager sent me to Japan to see if there was any inspiration for my new songs. I didn't mind, I always wanted to go to Japan. But the bad thing was that my manager still wanted me to go to school so he signed me up to this high school. I sat down on the grass and picked up my guitar. Luckily no one was here, so I took off my hoodie. I looked down at my guitar, trying to think of some lyrics. I've been in Japan for a week now and I've seen so many things but I still have no inspiration. I sighed and laid down on the grass. This is gonna take a long time... 

I growled and threw a ball of paper into the trash can that was near me. I've been thinking of lyrics for hours and I still couldn't think of anything. I sighed in frustration and ran my fingers through my hair. I looked up at the blue sky as the wind blew gently against me. "Umm excuse me?" I heard a voice said. I panicked and threw on my hoodie once more. I looked at the person who had red hair and amethyst-colored eyes. She seemed to be around my age and I think I'm a little taller than her. "Umm excuse me?" She repeated. I looked at her again, "Oh. Ya?" I replied. She looked at my guitar then back to me, "I couldn't help but notice that you were having some trouble." "I'm just writing some lyrics for something. But I can't think of anything." She nodded, "Mind if I sit down next to you?" I shook my head and patted the seat next to me. She sat down next to me and grabbed the paper and pencil. "So what type of song are you writing?" She asked. I shrugged, "Any really. I just came to Japan to get some inspiration." "Where are you from?" She asked. "America." I smiled.

She gave me a small smile, which I found adorable. "I can help you write a song, I make lyrics of my own too. But don't think I'm doing this for you, I have nothing to do so I'm just gonna help." She said. She's a tsundere huh. I didn't mind that, it kinda matches her. I let out a light chuckle before looking at her amethyst eyes with my (e/c) eyes. I saw a hint of light pink on her cheeks, then she turned her head around. "Anyways what's your name anyways," she said turning back around. "(Y/-)" Before I could finish, I remembered that I couldn't let anyone know my identity. "Well, what is it?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. "It's Meghan." I lied. (A/N: If that's your name, just change it.) Unaware of my lie, she replied. "Maki Nishikino."

We deiced to talk for the rest of the day till the sunset. I looked over to the sunset and smiled. "It's beautiful." I looked back at Maki, who was staring at me. "Why do you look so familiar?" she suddenly said. I felt my heart stop, did she find out who I am already? "Umm. I don't know what you're talking about." I said nervously. I quickly stood up and picked up my things. "I better get going," I said, not facing her. "Wait." I turned back at her, my head facing down so she wouldn't see my face. "Do you have a phone?" She asked. I nodded and showed her my phone. She grabbed it then started typing on it. "Here's my number. Make sure to text me tomorrow. Not like I care or anything." She said, handing back my phone. I grabbed my phone back to see her number on the screen. I smiled a little and looked up at her. "Thanks. I'll make sure to text you tomorrow." I smiled. She blushed a little and looked away. "Anyways bye," I said, turning the other direction. I felt something grab my wrist, I turned my head around. I felt something soft and warm touch my cheek. Before I could find out what it was, the warmth left my cheek and was hit with cold air and the grip on my wrist was loosened. I looked over to see Maki walking away, with the wind blowing in her hair. I touched the cheek where she kissed me and blushed. I ran after her, pulling her into a hug from the back. I felt her tense up against my touch but soon relaxed. "Just make sure to text me tomorrow ok?" She said. I nodded my head and released her from my hug. I smiled as I watched her walk off then turning around and walking home myself. I guess I'm not going home with nothing huh. I can go home knowing I made a new friend or even more than that and inspiration. 

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