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Fairy Tail Yuri One-shots by nightdragon456
Fairy Tail Yuri One-shotsby Crazy chick w a gun
Sure, there are fanfictions about Fairy tail guys x female readers. But what about the beautiful ladies of Fairy Tail! I also won't be taking in any requests unless I ru...
  • animeyuri
  • gxg
  • yuri
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Shine like a diamond by zerox029
Shine like a diamondby Mirai Zura
A love story between Hanamaru Kunikida and Ruby Kurosawa, two childhood friends who recently discovered their love for each other. Deals with topics of depression and me...
  • lovelivesunshine
  • hanamaru
  • lovelive
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Honoka Kousaka x Reader by gloomyxwriter
Honoka Kousaka x Readerby birb
Kousaka Honoka, a carefree irresponsible girl, ex-leader of the extremely popular school idol group µ's and a lonely girl, big fan of µ's with no specific talents. Twent...
  • animeyuri
  • honokakosaka
  • honokakousaka
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The Ushanka Girls [Neko Yuri] by chocolatechanta
The Ushanka Girls [Neko Yuri]by Emily
Set in a prestigious all girls boarding school in Russia, Anna Kitov and Valeria Rosenthal are nicknamed 'The Ushanka Girls' because they're never seen without a Ushanka...
  • anime
  • mature
  • yuri
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Deja vu [songfic] LukaMiku by AniKamia
Deja vu [songfic] LukaMikuby AniKamia666
"And we'll restart, The cycle again, And we'll restart Breaking each other again" Miku and Luka live in a peculiar relationship, an endless cycle of wounds tha...
  • mikuxluka
  • girlslove
  • negitoro
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──🌌💕【YURI】💕🌌──[EN PAUSE] by aminemoh2015
──🌌💕【YURI】💕🌌──[EN PAUSE]by 평범한 소녀
❤Le tiiiiiiiiiitre!❤
  • aminemoh2015
  • anime
  • animeyuri
What a strange life [Yuri + Lemons] by Wicked_R
What a strange life [Yuri + Lemons]by Wicked R
Aki Matuoki is a young 17 year old girl who got a job to be a maid in a mansion owned by 9 girls. It wasn't too bad at first. She got a room of her own and the girls wer...
  • yuri
  • lemon
  • animelemon
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Female Anime Characters X Reader One-shots by SakuraxWinter
Female Anime Characters X Reader Tsubasa Sakura Fuyu Hoshimiya
Yuri....Nuff said...
  • videogames
  • reader
  • animeyuri
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Love Live Yuri One-shots by nightdragon456
Love Live Yuri One-shotsby Crazy chick w a gun
Some Love Live Yuri One-shots you know! :D Credits to @JuliaVeronik8 for the cover! <3
  • yuri
  • lovelivegirls
  • lesbians
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Yuri Photos by IsabelHasVibes
Yuri Photosby isabel™
Yuri cx
  • yuriphotos
  • girls
  • womanxwoman
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Yuri(Not Yuri on ice) by YeetCola
Yuri(Not Yuri on ice)by sksksksksk
  • anime
  • animeyuri
  • yuri