Yoshiko Tsushima x Female Reader

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~Your POV~

"Yoshiko, where are we going?" I asked as she dragged me through the halls of the school. "It's Yohane! And you'll see!" She said with a bright grin. "Why do I feel like I should be worried?" I sighed to myself.

She squeezes my hand in hers and grinned back at me. I couldn't help but smile back. "So I know you used to live in an area where it doesn't snow a lot. So...." She said then went to me and covered my eyes. She urges me to take a few steps forward and I felt a freezing burst of wind hit me. 

She uncovers them to reveal the front of the school covered in pure white snow. My eyes widened as I stepped outside and held my hand out. Small snowflakes fell down from the sky and onto my hands, melting instantly. I turned back to Yoshiko who was smiling at me. I grinned and ran over to her then pulled her into a hug. "It's snowing!" I yelled excitedly. "Yep! I didn't think you noticed so I dragged you out of class." She giggled.

"Well it was worth it," I said. "Here," She said and took off her scarf then wrapped it around my neck. "You'll need it when you play in the snow," she said. "What about you?" I asked with a pout. "(Y/N), I need to head back to class." She said.

I pouted more and stomped my foot childishly. "I want you to stay here and play with me in the snow!" I whined. "You're helpless," she sighed then kissed me. I smiled and kissed her back. We pulled away and she kissed my cheek. "Fine, I'll play with you. But let me get an extra scarf and my gloves okay?" She asked. I nodded and she went off to grab her stuff. I looked up at the sky, admiring the snowflakes as they fell.

"I'm ready!" Yoshiko said as she came out wearing her scarf and gloves. She hands me an extra pair of gloves which I put on. "What do you want to do first?" She asked. 

"Let's make a snowman!" I grinned. She nods and we both gathered up the snow. As Yoshiko was making the bottom part of the snowman, I was gathering more snow for the middle part. Once she finished, I placed the middle part on top then patted it on. 

"You make the head and I'll gather the things to make its face," Yoshiko said. I nodded and started making the last part of the snowman. Once I finished, I carefully placed the head on and stepped back to admire the work. I grinned satisfied as Yoshiko came back with the things we needed. 

I put in the arms as Yoshiko put on the eyes with stones that she gathered. We placed stones in its mouth as well to make a smiley face. "We don't have any carrots," I said with a pout. "Let's sneak into the cafeteria to see if there's any. I don't think there's gonna be anyone there anyway." Yoshiko suggested.

We headed to the cafeteria to find it empty. We snuck into the kitchen and began looking around. While trying to find carrots, I stumbled upon some pudding. I quietly snuck two into my jacket, including two spoons, and continued on with my search.

The both of us finally found the storage of vegetables and we took a carrot. "Wait," Yoshiko whispered and took two more. "What are those for?" I asked. "It's an extra touch on our snowman," She said with a grin.

The both of us quickly left the cafeteria and quietly snuck past the classrooms that were in session. Once we got outside, I stuck the carrot nose on. "Now what?" I asked looking at her. She gives me a grin then sticks the two remaining carrots onto its head, making devil horns. Lastly, she took off her own scarf and wrapped it around the snowman.

 Lastly, she took off her own scarf and wrapped it around the snowman

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I couldn't help but laugh a little causing her to pout. "Hey don't laugh!" She shouted. "I'm sorry. It's just so cute," I said, trying to calm down from my laugh. She blushes and looks away embarrassed. 

I laid down on the snow and looked up at Yoshiko, "You know Yohane. I've always wanted to make a snow angel." She smiled and laid down next to me. "Let's make one then," she said. I grinned and nodded.

The both of us started making our own snow angels while joking around with each other. Once we were done, we got up and looked at our snow angels.

"Hey, Yohane. For a little devil, you sure make a good snow angel," I joked. She rolled her eyes and gently pushed me. I chuckled and looked at her. She was slightly shivering from the snow. I unwrapped the scarf around my neck and wrapped it around the both of us since we were around the same height. 

"Better?" I grinned. She blushes and looked another direction. "Ye-Yeah..." She mumbled and covered her cheeks with the scarf. I chuckled and took her hand in mine. The both of us sat outside on a bench and talked for a while. I pulled out the two puddings and spoons I stole from the kitchen and we ate it. We talked and ate until school was over.

The students came running out cheering as they all played in the snow. "Yohane! We saw the snowman with the devil horns! Was it yours?" Ruby asked, running up to her with Hanamaru. She nods and grins, "Yep! (Y/N) and I made it!" She said proudly.

"That's so cute! Hanamaru, I wanna make a snowman too!" Ruby said and tugged on her sleeve. She nods and the both of them went to go make their snowman.

"Thanks for doing this Yohane. For sneaking me out to have fun and being with me." I said smiling at her. "Of course," She said and we shared a kiss.

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