Mari Ohara x Futa! Female Reader (Lemon)

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(A/N: I'm gonna post just only this one Futa one-shot because it was the third most voted request from my other survey. This one-shot will also by in my Futa book where I'm just doing futa one-shots)

~Your POV~

I just got an urgent text from Kanan for me to meet her at her place. I tried to ask her what the situation was but she didn't say anything which got me worried. I ran down the street till I arrived at her place. I panted heavily and banged on her door. "Kanan open up! It's me (Y/N)!" I shouted. There was no reply. I tried to peek through the windows but it was too dark inside. I turned the doorknob to realized it was unlocked. I stepped inside, only to be blinded by a pure white light. 

When my eyes adjusted to the brightness I saw all the girls and a couple of my other friends. "Surprise! Happy birthday (Y/N)!" they shouted happily and threw confetti everywhere. I saw Kanan grinning brightly at me and pulled me into a hug. "Happy birthday," she said. I tried to act angry at her for getting me worried but I couldn't. My eyes brimmed with tears of joy as I looked at everyone.

The house was decorated with all sorts of things. There was a pile of presents and balloons. There was also a table full of food along with blasting music. 

Kanan wiped away my tears and flashed me another bright smile. "You remembered my birthday?" I asked. "Of course I remembered! How can I not remember my childhood best friend's birthday?" she said, patting me on the back. I grinned and gave her another hug which she gladly hugged back. "Dia and Kanan thought of the party and everyone else came along and helped. You did so much for us and we wanted to do something special for you for your birthday." You said, coming up to me. I smiled and hugged you as well. "Thank you, guys. This is the best birthday ever," I said.

"Where's my girlfriend?" I asked, looking around for the blonde. Everyone's smile turned into a small frown and avoided eye contact with me. I frowned and looked at everyone. "What's wrong?" I asked concerned. "(Y-Y/N).... She never came..." Ruby said quietly. I stayed silent and tried to think of something that might have stopped Mari from coming. "Ma-Maybe she got stuck in traffic," I said. Chika shook her head, "The road was clear when we came here. No one was stuck in traffic." 

"(Y/N)... She forgot," Dia said quietly. I stood there shocked, with my mouth opened. I tried to say something but nothing came out. I closed my mouth again and tried to say something once more but it was still the same result. "(Y/N)... She went to a carnival with a boy. He... asked her out on a date and she didn't want to hurt him so she did... She didn't want to tell you because she knew you would break up with her." Kanan said quietly. "I'm so sorry, we should have told you sooner but we just found out an hour ago," Dia said with guilt. I shook my head and hugged my two best friends. "No... Thank you. At least the two of you care about me." I said, trying to hold back my tears. They hugged me back tightly and rubbed my back comfortingly. 

Not even a minute later, everyone began to gather around and hug me. It was nice to know there were people here around me, even if my girlfriend wasn't here. This lessened the pain a bit. 

After a while, everything went back to normal. Everyone was cheerful and happy again. Luckily everyone kept me busy by saying Happy Birthday and pulling me into their conversations. When it was around the evening, we took out the (favorite flavor) cake. They sang Happy Birthday to me and I blew out the candles. We ate the cake until it was all gone. Well, it was Chika and Haramaru eating most of the cake but all of us had some too.

Then came the presents. Some of my friends bought me things like gift cards or cool shirts while others gave money. Yoshiko, Ruby, and Haramaru all tagged in and bought several new video games for me. You bought me a giant stuffed (favorite animal) plushie. Chika got me a bunch of mikans and a hoodie that I wanted for a while. Riko bought me two anime figurines from my favorite anime. Kanan and Dia both bought a new phone for me.

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