Kanan Matsuura x Mafia! Female Reader (Part 1)

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~Your POV~

"Boss, the dealer's here," One of my guards told me. I grunted then signaled him to leave. I spun in my chair then rested my feet on my desk. I heard another knock on my door and I removed my feet off of the table. "Come in," I said. Two of my guards were holding down a guy who seemed to be struggling. "What is it this time?" I asked, leaning back in my chair. 

"We found one of the guys who hit one of your girls." One of my guards told me and shoved the guy down on the floor. I glared at the boy on the floor and rose to my feet. I walked over to him and slammed my foot on his stomach. He groaned in pain and looked up at me. I glared down at him and spat near his head. "You think it's funny to hit a girl on the fucking street asshole?" I growled and dug the end of my shoe in his gut. He yelled in pain and tried to remove my foot off but his arms were pinned down by my guards. 

"Bring her in," I told one of them. The guard nodded and came back a minute later with You. "Is this the guy?" I asked her. She nodded and clung onto my arm. I smiled at her then glared at the guy. I stomped on his crotch and kicked him aside. "You know what to do," I told my guards. They nodded and dragged the guy out of my office. "Thanks for that (Y/N)," You said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I chuckled and pat her head. "Anything for my little sis," I said. 

I'm not like most mafia leaders out there. Most mafia leaders usually buy girls for the pleasure of it. I never liked the thought of just simply using them for pleasure. I usually buy them off of guys so I would save them from the next buyer who might be some creepy guy. My mafia is made of both male and female members and is considered one of the top three most dangerous since we're also the largest group. I buy girls to take them in as a family. 

I never had a real family since the only one I had was my father, who was the old mafia leader but he passed away and gave his leadership to me. "(Y/N), you heard about the dealer right?" You said, sitting down on one of the chairs in my room. I nodded and took out a piece of candy for her. She grinned and took it. "Yea, I heard. He's coming with three girls." I said. You nodded and got up from her seat. "I'm gonna go back to Riko and Chika now. Good luck alright." She said and walked out. 

I got up and brushed off the dust and wrinkles on my suit. I straightened up my tie and walked out. I had several guards behind me as I walked out to the room where the dealer was. I sat down in the chair in front of him and looked at him with an expressionless look. "Who are you suppose to be?" The dealer growled. I glared and slammed my dagger down on the table, nearly stabbing his hand. "Your buyer. Because of your shit attitude, you got 3 minutes." I snarled. 

The dealer's eyes widen then quickly got up in panic. "O-Of course ma'am! Bring them in!" he yelled to the outside. Three guys came in, each holding a girl that was tied up by the wrist with rope. I glared at the dealer with slight irritation due to how he treated the girls. Their clothes had dirt on it, showing that they must have tackled them down or kidnapped them. "Th-There they are." The dealer said. I got up from my seat and looked down at the dealer, who was quite short. "Is this how you treat them?" I growled, pointing at the three. Before he spoke up and stopped him with a hand gesture. "Just shut up," I grumbled and walked to the three girls. 

One was blonde with yellow eyes. The other girl had black hair and green eyes. The third one had blue hair and purple eyes. I felt my cheeks slightly heated up when I looked at the blue haired girl. She was beautiful. It hurt me how upset and afraid she looked. Of course, they're afraid, they were probably kidnapped and now being sold to a stranger who's a leader of one of the most dangerous mafias.

I saw a cut on the girl's cheek, causing my anger to rise quickly. "Who cut her?!" I snarled loudly at the dealer, causing everyone in the room to jump in surprise. "O-One of my men sir. Sh-She was resisting so we had to!" He said. "Which one?" I growled. The dealer pointed to the man that was holding the blonde girl. I went over to him and punched him straight in the jaw, causing the blonde to yelp in surprise. The blonde tripped and fell on me. Luckily, I caught her in time before the both of us fell. "I-I'm sorry! Pl-Please don't hurt me!" She said scared. I helped her stand up and dust her clothes off. "Don't worry about it," I gave her a soft friendly smile. She seemed taken back at my attitude towards her, especially after how I acted.

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