Riko Sakurauchi x Suicidal! Female Reader (Part 1)

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~Your POV~

-11 years ago- (You and Riko are 5 years old)

"(Y/N)-chan!" I heard a voice call me. I felt warmth touch my back as a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. I turned my head and grinned to see my best friend, Riko. "Riko-chan!" I cheered and hugged her tightly. She giggled and hugged back while rubbing her cheek against my head. I giggled and let go of her. 

"(Y/N)-chan! Let's go to the swings!" Riko said. "Okay! But I need to go potty first." I said. She nodded and ran off to the playground while I headed towards the bathroom. When I was done, I washed my hands and walked out. 

I heard Riko's wail from the playground making my attention turned towards the playground. "RiRi!" I yelled and ran towards the playground. I saw Riko sitting on the floor crying while her knees were scraped with three boys surrounded her. "Sissy!" The tall guy said and kicked dirt on her. 

I clutched my fist and ran towards them then slammed my skull against his back hard. He yelled in pain and fell down. I glared at the other two boys. One of them was chubby and the other one was short. The tall one got up again and glared down at me. "You little punk!" He said and picked me up by the collar of my shirt. I glared and kicked him in the nuts making him fall down again but this time on his knees. I glared at the short one then tackled him down to the grass. I pulled his arm to his back causing him to kick his feet and cry. "Ow! That hurts!" He cries. I felt myself get pulled off by the chubby boy. I elbowed him in the chest then quickly grabbed Riko's hand. "Run!" I told her and the both of us began to run.

"Get back here!" The tall one yelled and the three began to chase us. "(Y/N)-chan, what are we gonna do?!" She asked panicked with tears brimming in her eyes. "Don't worry RiRi! I'll get us out of this!" I promised. I looked around and turned a corner then ran into a store. I pulled us behind an isle then hid with Riko. She whimpered and nuzzled closer for comfort. I waited until the boys ran past the store.

I sighed in relief and pulled away. "Are you okay RiRi?" I asked concerned. She shook her head and pointed to her scraped knee. I nodded then went to the cashier and bought some bandages. I put the bandages on Riko's wounds then went to the ice cream section then took two cups of ice cream. I paid for them and gave one of them to Riko. "Thank you (Y/N)-chan!" She chirped happily and gave me a peck on my cheek. We sat near the entrance of the store and ate our ice cream. "Thank you for protecting me (Y/N)-chan! I love you!" She said. I grinned and hugged her. "I love you too Riko! I'll always protect you!" I replied. "I'm never gonna leave your side!" She giggled. I giggled back and nodded. 

Little did I know was that the promise was soon going to be broken.

-Present time-

I sat in silence in the back of my parent's car staring out the window. "(Y/N), are you excited to start a new day of school?" My mom asked. I didn't reply and only kept watching the scenery before me passed by me.

When Riko and I were 10 years old, she moved away without saying a word to me. She never tried calling, texting, sending letters, or anything. I felt hurt and betrayed. The promise she made to me when we were 5 meant nothing to her. I thought about it every day of my life. Ever since she left, I've been depressed. I've been unable to speak to others or even make another friend. Even back then when I had Riko, I never had any other friend. Riko was the only thing I had left.

When I was 13, my mom died from a car crash and my father left me because he thought he couldn't take care of me. I lived my life in an orphanage where I was bullied by the other kids and the adults wouldn't care. No one adopted me until I was 15 years old. I was adopted by two married women. I didn't mind having two moms, I thought it was kinda cool. They understood my situation of being cold and quiet. They worry about me at times but I couldn't blame them. They were the closest thing I have to someone to talk to. One of my moms got a new job at this place, making us move.

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