Dia Kurosawa x Delinquent! Female Reader

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How you look:

How you look:

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~Your POV~

"(Y/N) Matsuura! You are going to school and you're going to go whether you like it or not!" My mom yelled through the house at me. I groaned in protest and rolled my eyes. I put on my headphones and continued to play my PlayStation.

My parents are always annoying me to go to school and get good grades despite them knowing I would never do that. My twin sister, Kanan, would encourage me to go to school with her. Unlike my parents, she's nicer and doesn't force me to do anything I don't want to.

Kanan and I are almost complete opposites. She's mature and well-behaved, I'm considered childish and rebellious. She does well at school, I've gotten expelled from several schools. She gets fan letters from girls at her school, I get tickets from my parole officer. She attracts people, I scare them away. She has a group of friends, I have a gang. She loves the ocean, I hate it. She loves diving, I love gaming. She helps with the business, I gamble away the money. She's considered to have calming beautiful purple eyes, my eyes give people chills down their spines. She has long beautiful hair, my hair is short and boyish.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, making me turn my head to see Kanan smiling down at me, wet and still in her diver suit. "Dry yourself or else our carpet is going to get wet." I chuckled and taking off my headphones. She grinned and flicked water at my face. I wiped the water off my face and playfully glared at her. "I heard mom yelling at you from outside." Kanan chuckled, grabbing a towel off of her bed then starts drying her hair. "She was bothering me about fucking school again." I scoffed, getting up and sitting on my own bed. "You should just go to school. You might like it." She told me. I laughed a bit and gave her a serious face. "Like hell, I would."

Kanan lets out a small laugh and smiled. "Think about it (Y/N). If you do it, mom and dad won't annoy you about it again." She told me and left to change. I muttered and lay down on my bed. "It's worth a shot.." I sighed and sat up.

When Kanan came back, she was wearing a white shirt and black shorts. "Kanan, can you take me to school tomorrow?" I asked her. Her eyes widened slightly in surprise and gave me a smile. "Sure (Y/N). But you have to wear your uniform though." She told me. I groaned in protest and whined. "I don't want to! The skirt is fucking uncomfortable." I complained. "You'll get in trouble on the first day you know that," Kanan warned me. "So? I'll ask Dia to write me a pass or something." I said.

I've met her group of friends before. They were nice and all but they're too girly. Dia stood out to be the most. She was beautiful but strict. She was mature but also can be a real fan girl when alone or with me. Dia and I were childhood best friends along with Kanan and Mari but we all fell our separate ways. I grew more rebellious as Dia grew more mature. Kanan and Mari tried to keep us together but they weren't able to. Mari eventually left making us fall even more distant.

Now the three got back together, but I kept my distance. Kanan would try to include me back but I told her I wanted to be left out of it. I joined a gang of expelled students from all the schools in our area. I would see them from time to time whenever they walk Kanan back home or when they come over to hang out. Kanan introduced me to everyone in the group and makes me hang out with them whenever they're around. I don't hate it but I don't want to ruin my reputation.

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