Maki Nishikino x Nico Yazawa

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"Maki please!!" Nico begged. It was literally the sixth time this week Nico had begged Maki about adopting a puppy from a shelter. She started begging two months ago when Eli and Nozomi got a puppy themselves.

They went to Eli's and Nozomi's house to hang out, Maki was talking to the two of them while Nico was literally sitting in the corner playing and cuddling with their puppy. Almost every week, Nico would go to Eli's and Nozomi's place just to play with their puppy. 

Maki would always ignore her suggests and just shook it off, hoping that she would drop the subject about adopting a pet. But as stubborn as Nico was, she didn't give up. Instead of dropping the subject, she kept on begging and talking about it. She was always trying to lecture Maki into getting a puppy. 

"Please, Maki! I really want a puppy! They're so cute!" Nico begged, clinging to Maki's sleeve. "Yea, I know that. But who's gonna walk the puppy. Who's gonna pay the bills for the vet? And what about the check ups and injections? And the food? And toys?" Maki said, trying to prove to Nico it was a bad idea. "I always walk Eli's and Nozomi's dog almost every week. We can pay off all those things since the both of us are working." She said.

"Nico, it's not as easy. The dog is not just going to be your responsibility, it's going to be ours. Did you forget that we live in the same house? Sure, you walk Eli's and Nozomi's dog almost every week but you're going to have to walk the dog every day. And what will happen when we're both at work? And did you also forget I'm still in college?" Maki explained. "Ugh, don't be so negative. You should be positive like me. We'll be able to take care of the puppy as if it's our own child. If we need any help, we can always go to our friends." Nico said. 

Maki sighed and looked at Nico, "Look Nico, I need to get started on my work." Maki walked away from Nico and headed upstairs to their room. Once she got into their room, she sat down in her workplace and got onto her computer. She began to work on her project for school. About 30 minutes later she heard Nico yell through the house. "Maki, I'm going grocery shopping ok!" "Kay!" Maki yelled back a reply.

It was almost Nico's birthday and Maki still hadn't got her a gift yet. She didn't know what to buy her. She hadn't shown any interest in any jewelry or clothing. 'Ugh, what would she want?!' Maki thought frustrated. Then it hit her. 'But it would be so much trouble!' she thought. But now that Maki thought about it, adopting a puppy wouldn't be so bad... 


It was a new day and Nico went to Eli's and Nozomi's place to play with their puppy. Maki went to her laptop and searched for the nearest shelter. It took Maki about 5 minutes to find the nearest shelter around them was about 10 minutes away. When she got on their website, she saw some photos of the pets that were in the shelter. She saw that there was a new arrival of puppies coming in next week. They said that there were different types of puppies. But it didn't say what breed they were. Maki decided to send an email to the shelter asking them about what breed they were.

After sending the email, Maki decided to get some food. Maki went into the kitchen and made herself a sandwich. She sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. She began to scroll through the channels until she saw a show with a bunch of puppies. She gotta admit, they were really cute. She kinda wanted one now. "I wonder what breed Nico would like?" Maki asked herself. Maki decided to get Nico's laptop to see if she could find any hints on what dog she liked the most. Maki could get on her laptop since she knew her password which was 'Nico nico nii'. Once she got on, the proof was literally right in front of her. Nico's wallpaper was a bunch of dalmatian puppies. Sometimes Nico is so obvious. Maki logged off her computer and put it back. Let's just hope that the shelter had dalmatians. And if they did, let's just hope Nico would like them.

~Another timeskip~

Three days later, Maki opened her emails. She saw there was a reply from the pet shelter she emailed three days ago. It said that the new arrival of puppies were terriers, pugs, and dalmatians and that they were 10 weeks old.

Maki smiled and closed her laptop. "Hey Nico." She said, walking up to her girlfriend who was currently reading a book on the couch. "What's up?" She asked, putting down the book. "How would you feel if we got a dalmatian puppy?" Maki smiled. Nico's eyes widen as she jumped up from her seat. "Are you getting me a puppy?!" Nico asked with hopeful eyes. Maki smiled at her and nodded. "Oh my god, I love you!" Nico shouted, hugging her tightly and kissing her face. Maki laughed and motioned her to stop, "Wait, I haven't told you the whole thing yet." Nico calmed down and sat down next to her. 

"Since your birthday is coming up, I thought I would get you something special. You've been nagging me about get a dog. So, I emailed the nearest shelter asking what kind of dogs they had. They're getting a new arrival of puppies and they said they had dalmatians." Maki explained. "You're the best girlfriend ever!" Nico said excitedly. "But I thought you didn't want a puppy?" She frowned. "I know, I didn't. But I have been thinking about it lately and thought maybe it would be a good idea." She told her. Nico kissed her on the lips and cuddled into her side. "So when are we getting a puppy?" Nico asked. "Hmmm. Sometime around next week ok babe." Maki replied. NIco nodded and smiled at her.

~Another timeskip just because~

A week later, they now are driving to the shelter. Once they arrived, they got out of the car and walked towards the front desk. Nico was so excited that she was jumping up and down in her seat in the car. The woman at the front desk saw them and smiled. "Hello, how may I help you?" She asked politely. "Umm, I emailed the shelter about the new arrival of  puppies. I was wondering if we can see them?" Maki asked, holding her girlfriend's hand. "Of course. Follow me." She said. She guided them to the puppies and once they were in the room, they saw a bunch of dalmatian puppies running around the room and playing. Nico's eyes immediately lit up and ran over to them and patted their little fluffy heads. Maki leaned against the wall, smiled and watched her girlfriend play with the puppies. 

After a while, Maki walked up to Nico and kneeled down next to her. "So, which one do you want?" Maki asked softly. Nico smiled and got up with one of the puppies in her arms. "This one." She smiled. Maki stood up and pet the puppy. The dalmatian puppy had a cute black spot on its right eye. "Can we have this one?" She said in a baby voice. Maki giggled and smiled at the both of them. "I'll take that as a yes." Nico giggled as well. "So what are you going to name it?" Maki asked, rubbing the little dalmatian's chin. It was so cute, soft, and cuddly. "Let's name it Nico Nico Nii!" Nico said. Maki rolled her eyes playfully. 

"Just kidding. Let's name it Oreo."

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