Nozomi Tojo x Gentleman! Trap! Female Reader

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~Nozomi's POV~

I was hanging out with the other eight girls at a cafe, deciding what to wear to some dance. I wasn't paying attention during that time but from what Eli explained there was a spring dance for the whole school. All the girls seemed to be really excited for the dance. "Hey, Nozomi? Who are you going with?" Hanayo asked me. Before I could answer, I felt hands cover my eyes. "Who is this?" A voice said. I smirked and grabbed the person's chest, causing them to yelp. They let go, allowing me to see them. "It's (Y/N)," I replied. 

She frowned and sat down next to me. I smiled and rested my head on her shoulder. She smiles and lays her head on top of mine. "I guess that answers that question nya," Rin said. "Oh right. Hello ladies." (Y/N) said, removing her head from mine, causing me to frown. She smiles at me and places a kiss on my lips. "You two have no shame kissing in public," Umi said, crossing her arms. "Says you Umi. I have seen what you do with Maki." (Y/N) winked. Umi began to blush madly before hiding behind Maki's shoulder. 

(Y/N) lets out a charming laugh causing my heart to skip a beat. "So who's going with who?" She asked, wrapping an arm around my waist. I smiled and leaned against her causing her to chuckle again. Geez, just her chuckles make my heart skip. "Well, Rin's going with Hanayo. Maki's going with Umi. Honoka's going with Nico. And I think Eli's going with Kotori." I said. She grinned at me, "Good, which means that you're going with me." "Who says I'm going with you?" I teased. 

She frowned then smiled. "I knew you were going to say that so....." She said then took out a bouquet of rose. "How about now?" I stared at the bouquet of roses then looked back at (Y/N). "How can I say no?" I said, pulling her into a kiss. She smiled into the kiss and cupped my cheeks. "Awww, that's so cute!" Honoka squealed. Eli glared playfully at (Y/N). "Be careful with Nozomi. If you hurt her, I'll come and find you." (Y/N) chuckled and saluted Eli "Yes Ma'am!" Everyone laughed and began to talk about what they're going to wear.

"So, Nozomi what are you going to wear?" (Y/N) asked, playing with my hair. "I don't really know yet. I didn't go shopping. We're gonna buy dresses later, wanna come?" I asked (Y/N). She nodded, "Sure, why not. Besides, I need to buy something for me as well."

After talking for a while, we decided to go to the mall and buy some dresses. I held onto (Y/N)'s hand tightly as I watched the girls that walked by us wink at her. I grit my teeth in anger and squeezed her hand. (Y/N) looked at me and smiled. "Nozomi don't worry about it ok. They probably think I'm a guy, that's why they winked at me." She said. I sighed and rested my head on her shoulder. The ten of us walked into a store which was full of different color dresses. I looked over to (Y/N), who seemed to cringe at the dresses. I giggled and pecked her on the cheek, "Stop making that stupid face. You're not the one wearing them."

She grumbled and pulled away smiling. "Why don't you go to the store next door and buy a tux?" I told her. "Sure," She replied. "We'll come as well," Eli said. Eli and Umi walked over to (Y/N) and followed her to the store next door.

~Your POV~

I walked into the store seeing a bunch of suits in the left corner of the store. "What color do you plan to wear?" Eli asked us. "I might pick dark blue," Umi said. "Maybe black," I simply replied. We walked over to the suit section and started picking out our suits. I decided that I would go with the black suit with black dress pants and a black bow tie. Eli went with the white suit and white dress pants with a black tie. Umi chose the navy blue suit with a black tie.

I was the first one who chose out my tux so I decided that I would pay first then wait for them. Once I finished paying I decided to wait outside the store. I looked inside to see that the two began to pay. I decided to text Nozomi if she was ready. 

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