Kanan Matsuura x Mafia! Female Reader (Part 2)(Lemon)

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~Your POV~

It's been several years now ever since Kanan and the other girls came along. They quickly became part of the family and the ten of us were happy. My crush on Kanan grew worse over time. Every time we brush against each other, my heart would go crazy and my body temperature goes up. Everyone in the household noticed it and would tease me about it almost every time they catch me staring at Kanan.

They keep telling me to confess but I can't bring myself to do it. I maybe a mafia leader but when it comes to love, I might as well be a weak newbie. 

I wasn't able to tell her until one day when all of us went out to eat. A waiter kept on flirting with Kanan. MY Kanan! He kept winking and flirting with her along with brushing against her as if he thought he was so smooth. I was about to let it go until he did something that made me snap. He took her hand and kissed it and smacked her ass. I immediately snapped and pulled out a gun then shoved it against his head. The girls held me back and Kanan was able to cool me down before I pulled the trigger on him. 

After the incident, we went home in silence. Kanan wouldn't talk to me and she refused to look me in the eyes. I couldn't stand Kanan not talking to me and I confessed that the reason why I did it was that I was jealous and I didn't like how the guy acted. When I told her this, she found it adorable how protective I was. That was also the day I confessed to her my feelings. She was flustered at first but accepted my feelings. It turned out that she liked me more than a friend the whole time. I'm glad that she felt the same but I felt kinda upset that I should have confessed earlier. Everyone was teasing me about it and saying 'I told you so'. Especially Mari and You.

"(Y/N)!" I heard a voice that snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked at who was standing near my door. Kanan was smiling while standing near my door while wearing one of my over-sized hoodies along with jeans. I blushed at how cute she was and cleared my throat. "Hey Kanan," I greeted. She walked over to me and climbed onto my lap then hugged me tightly. "Mm...." She hummed softly and nuzzled her face on my shoulder. I blushed harder and held her close by her waist.

She giggled and kissed my nose causing me to scrunch my face. She pressed our foreheads together causing me to grin. "I love you," She said. "I love you too Kanan," I replied with a bright smile on my face. 

"Boss?" I heard one of my guards said. I pulled away from Kanan and looked at him. "Yes?" I asked. "Well, one of the girls told us that there was a guy that was inappropriately flirting and trying to touch her. So we went after him like how you told us to if anyone tries to harass the girls." He told me. The smile on my face quickly disappeared and I sat up straight with Kanan still on my lap. "Did you get him?" I asked. "We have him cuffed up," He informed. I nodded and signaled him to leave. "Kanan, go wait up in our room okay," I told her, giving her a quick kiss. She nodded and got off my lap. She headed to our place as I walked out of my office and to where they had the guy handcuffed.

When I arrived, I saw it was the same guy who hit on Kanan. I growled and towered over him. "So first you flirt with my girl and now your gonna harass my other girls?" I snarled. He looked up at me and rolled his eyes. "Oh not you again!" He groaned. I glared and snapped my fingers, making one of my guards shove him down onto his knees. I kicked him in the jaw, causing him to fall on his side. (A/N: Fucking Levi style bitches) 

I snapped my fingers again and my guards pulled him up again. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and smirked. "You think you're so tough now?" I sneered. "I'm not some fucking bitch you can mess with. I pulled on my button shirt a bit to reveal a symbol tattooed near my collarbone.  

Everyone in my mafia and including the girls had this symbol tattooed on them

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Everyone in my mafia and including the girls had this symbol tattooed on them. Either on their arm, neck, shoulder, thigh, stomach or anywhere on their body. His eyes widen, "Oh shit... Yo-You guys are..." "Yea you fucking bitch," I growled and covered my tattoo then fixed my shirt and tie. "You messed with the wrong girls. My girls. My fucking family bitch." I spat. "What else has he done?" I growled at one of my guards. "So far we know that he has messed with your girlfriend and one of the other girls. But we talked to them and it seems that he's also been bothering several others." He informed me. 

"You can't just take a hint can't you?" I said to the guy and faced him. I pulled out my gun and aimed it at his head. "Wa-Wait no, please! I-I won't do it again!" He screamed. "Maybe should have thought about that before messing with a bloodthirsty and dangerous mafia leader. I already warned you once." I said. Before he said another word, I shot him in the head. The bang echoed through the room loudly. I sighed frustrated and attached the gun back onto my belt. I dusted off my suit and signaled at the dead body. "Get rid of it," I ordered and left.

I went back to my mansion and got upstairs to where Kanan was waiting. She was in bed watching tv. I sighed and flopped on the bed next to her. She giggled and poked my side. "You alright there tough gal?" She giggled. I lifted my head to look at her. "Yea, just tired of men." I joked. She smiled and pat the seat next to her. I sat next to her on the bed and leaned against her. 

"You must be really stressed huh?" She said, playing with my hair. I nodded and hummed in pleasure as she ran her fingers through my hair. She smiled and kisses me. I kissed back and held her close. 

The kiss grew more heated as she straddled me. "Ka-Kanan?" I stuttered. "(Y/N), can we? I-It's been weeks since we did it." Kanan whimpered. I blushed and held her waist to pull her closer. I nodded and pulled her into another kiss. She moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair. 

She tugged on my tie and kissed down my jaw. I growled and began to take off both our clothes while she left kisses along my jaw and neck. I flipped us over as I hovered over her naked body. I blushed and kissed down her neck. She moaned softly and watched me kiss down her neck. I massaged her breasts and pressed my knee gently against her womanhood. Her breath hitched and gripped the bed sheets. I grind my knee against her womanhood and sucked on her nipples making her squirm in pleasure. "(Y-Y/N)... pl-please," She begged. I blushed and kissed down her stomach to her womanhood.

I slid in two fingers and began to pump in and out. She moaned loudly and pulled me close to her as I thrust my fingers in and out of her. I rubbed her clit with my thumb causing her to buck her hips in pleasure. "Mo-More," She whimpered. I slid in a third finger and thrust faster. She moaned loudly in my ear and clawed my back. I growled and moved my fingers roughly making her buck her hips more.

I massaged her breast with my other hand as I sped up my pace. "(Y/N), I'm gonna..." Before she finished her sentence, she dug her nails into my back and climaxed. I groaned from the pain that I was feeling from her nails. I slid my fingers out and laid Kanan back. 

"Are you okay?" I asked. She nodded and pulled me into a quick kiss. "Sorry about your back," She said. "It's fine. It'll just be sore for a while but it's nothing compared to bullet wounds." I chuckled. She smiled and pulled me to her side. I nuzzled closer and buried my face into her hair. She giggled and laid her head on my chest. 

"For a mafia leader, you sure are a big softie when it comes to me," She teased.

"Shut up Kanan. Don't ruin this moment by being like everyone else." I rolled my eyes. 

We couldn't help but laugh it off and fell asleep in each other's arms.

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