Eli Ayase x Talented! Threatened! Female Reader (Part 2)

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(A/N: Ya' ll have been waiting patiently for this so here it is!)

This was written by the amazing @FairySoul28 who was the one who originally wrote the first part

Warning: Fucking triggering (A/N: I read this and my heart hurt and I don't even have a heart)

  Your P.O.V.

After your break up with Eli, you've slowly started to change. Your eyes no longer beam with happiness, and they have turned into a darker shade of (e/c). You look as if your soul had been taken out of your body. You're not as childish anymore either. You look lost all the time and you give off this sad aura. You've even stopped caring about everyone and everything around you, but your grades haven't slipped, so that's a good thing.

You were currently lying on Amelia's bed, looking up at the ceiling while she smiled and patted your head. If you were in your normal state of mind, you would've slapped her hand away, but you're not. At this point, you wouldn't even care if you were stabbed with a knife.

Your reason being there was because she had asked, well... more like demanded, you came over. You were basically her little mind slave. There are times when you would refuse, but she would then remind you that she could hurt Eli and her friends just by the snap of her fingers. Not only that, but she would go as far as to make cuts on your body with items she kept hidden from her father.

You hated this relationship. She abused you physically and emotionally. The words she would say triggered something inside of you. You see, you weren't always popular. In middle school, you were probably the biggest wimp out there. You were bullied up to the point where you wanted to kill yourself. Now, Amelia had brought those memories back, causing you to have those thoughts again.

"(Y/n), we're going on a date later." She didn't even bother asking you, which ticked you off a little. You groaned and sat up. "Didn't we just go on one yesterday?" You mumbled. She growled and took out a pocket knife she had in her pocket and made a cut on your arm. You winced a little, but it didn't really bother you as much as before. She had made so many cuts on your body, you were used to it by now.

"Yeah, but I want to go out again." You clicked your tongue and rolled your eyes. "Well sorry, but my parents said that I had to be home tonight. They're coming back for a business meeting and they want me to be there." You were internally screaming in joy and started to pack up your things. You got up from her bed and started to pack up your belongings as fast as you could. Once you finished, you started speed walking to the door. As you left, you didn't look back to see her smirking with a mischievous look in her eyes.


School was just as bad as your life outside now that you couldn't talk to Eli anymore. You had received death glares from her friends, except for the second years. You couldn't stand not hanging out with them. You missed the times when you all would laugh, joke around with each other, and the best part about those times was that you had gotten to hold Eli in your arms the entire time you were with them. You would occasionally kiss her forehead, cheek, and finally her lips. You were both sent on cloud nine from them.

But now, these were things you could not want, because they were things you couldn't have, and wanting what you could not have only led to misery and madness. (Whoever gets this quote, I will love them forever XD)

Your fans have noticed your change in demeanor and became concerned for you. You wanted to scream at them, anyone to help you, but you knew that things would be worse if you spoke even one word about it.

You slowly made your way to class with Amelia, who was acting all innocent to cover up everything that she's done. When you sat down, your eyes immediately went to Eli's, who was looking at you with hopeful eyes while Nico and Nozomi gave you threatening looks. You would've thought that she had moved on and found someone who was better for her than you, but here she was, looking at you concerned and with a longing, you couldn't exactly put your finger on.

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