Eli Ayase x Talented! Threatened! Female Reader (Part 1)

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Written by: FairySoul28 (You guys should really check out her account though, she's a really good author o3o)

~Your P.O.V~

You and Eli were sitting on your living room couch, watching The Walking Dead. Your head was resting on Eli's lap and she looked at your face whenever a walker was killed, which was full of enjoyment. She wasn't into gory things like you were, so she would just look at you the whole time, which is what she does even when you're not watching The Walking Dead. 

Although once in awhile you look up and her to see if she likes it or not, and she averts her gaze to the screen. However, she immediately regrets it since she always happens to look up at a very gory scene. She starts to whimper in fear and you would have to turn the t.v. off so that she would stop. You would then apologize and hug her until she calmed down. Once she did, you would kiss her to reassure that everything would be fine. She loved those moments the most, despite having to see those horrifying scenes.

Oh, did I mention that you two were dating? Well, you and Eli are girlfriends, and you two couldn't be happier. Of course, it was a secret since you were the most popular student in Otonokizaka, even more than µ's, who knew that you two were dating and supported you all the way. Not only there, but also on Youtube since you made your own songs on the guitar and piano, and you had millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. This, and along with the fact that your parents were really famous. Your father was the richest man in all of Japan and owned many companies, way too many to count. Your mother was also famous for her brands of cosmetics and for designing her own clothes and was featured in a lot of magazines. She also had you model for one of her new makeup brands, which only increased your number of fans. 

You couldn't even go out in public without having your fangirls and fanboys chasing after you for miles until you managed to get past them. You were getting sick of it, and so was Eli. She wanted everyone to know that you were hers, but there was nothing you could do at the moment since your fans would hunt down Eli. Not only that, but you didn't want your relationship with Eli to leak out because you weren't sure how your parents would react if they found out that you weren't into boys. 

You were really scared, even though they told you that they would love you no matter what you did since you were their only child who they loved to death. Even though they were barely home, they would call you at least once a day to check up on you and see how you were doing.

Right now, you were staring at the screen and Eli was smiling at your face as you did so. She then looked around your house since she hasn't been here for a while. There were butlers and maids all over the gigantic mansion. Some were cleaning, some were chatting amongst themselves, and some were looking at you and Eli with smiles on their faces. They also knew of your relationship and kept it a secret from your parents.

Eli jolted up when you suddenly gasped, and she looked at the screen to see a boy with a missing eye, and blood was coming out where his eye should be. She gagged and looked away while you were emotionally shaken. "CARL, NO!" You yelled. You then heard Eli whimpering and turned the t.v. off right away. You hugged her and kissed her forehead in an attempt to calm her down. After a few moments, she finally calmed down and hugged you tightly, though you didn't mind.

"Eli, if you don't like this, then why do you always want to watch it with me?" You asked. She stayed silent for a few minutes before she answered. "I-I... just want to spend time with you. And since this is your favorite show, then... I just put up with it." Your gaze softened and you kissed her gently, which she responded to by kissing back. You broke it after a couple of seconds and looked her in the eye.

"You don't have to do that for me though. You're my girlfriend, and if this makes you uncomfortable, then just tell me." She smiled at you and nodded, making you smile back. You rested your chin on top of her head and just sat together on your couch. You stroked her hair and sang to her gently. She loved hearing your beautiful voice. It always put her at ease whenever she was shaken.

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