Hanayo Koizumi x Bold! Female Reader

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Requested by: Iamaotakufangirl

Written by: FairySoul28

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~Your P.O.V~

You were walking to Otonokizaka with Rin, Maki, and Hanayo. They were your closest friends, especially Hanayo. You two were inseparable as kids and still are today. You grew up with her at a very young age. But recently, you had started to grow apart from her and talked to the others more often. You just started to feel uncomfortable around her.

Your reason... is because you fell in love with Hanayo, but the thing is... you were both girls.

Crazy to think that someone as brave as you would be so scared over the thought of something as girly as this. You would cringe at the thought sometimes, but then you would immediately shake it off like it was nothing.

"(Y/n)-chan, nya~" You looked over at Rin, who looked tired because she missed breakfast this morning. She was staring at your ramen and then looked at you with pleading eyes. You sighed and handed over some of your ramen that you were eating at the moment. Her face immediately lit up with joy and she tackled you in a bone-crushing hug. You smiled and patted her head as she ate up most of your food.

Hanayo panicked and Maki just shook her head and mumbled the word "Idiot." Hanayo tapped Rin's shoulder while shaking a bit, which you found adorable.

"R-Rin-chan... you shouldn't eat all of h-her food." Hanayo whispered. She looked like she was about to cry, which is how she usually looked. Rin suddenly felt guilty and looked at you with a sincere expression. You waved your hand in the air, telling them that it was okay.

"It's fine, I wasn't that hungry anyway." You said with your bright smile. Maki blushed a little, Rin smiled back, and Hanayo was too flustered to do anything. Her face matched Maki's hair color and she looked like she could break at any moment. You became worried over her and got up dangerously close to her face, which just made things worse.

"(Y-Y/n)-chan! W-W-What are you doing?" You ignored her question and put your hand on her forehead. You started to panic because her face was starting to get really warm.

"Hanayo, you're burning up!" At this point, your foreheads were touching. Poor Hanayo was frozen in place while you began to take out your water bottle. You pulled out a hand towel, poured some water on it and put it on her forehead. You then picked her up bridal style and started sprinting to the clinic at school. Maki and Rin were not far behind but were struggling to keep up with you since you were the most athletic person at Otonokizaka. You were even given multiple scholarships because of your athletic ability.

As soon as you got to the front gates, people immediately saw you and started squealing. People say that they like you not only because of your looks, they also say that you have a bold spirit and they feel at ease when you're around. Their squealing died down though once they saw your distressed face and Hanayo in your arms. Some were supportive and gave you a thumbs up. Others weren't too happy about it. By that I mean they wanted to strangle Hanayo because you were holding a girl that wasn't them. You flashed your fans one of your adorable closed-eye smiles, causing them to fangirl.

You sprinted right through everyone and ran into the clinic. You set Hanayo down on the bed and began to rummage through the nurse's cabin. Hanayo got up from where she was and tapped your shoulder. You raised an eyebrow at her and abruptly stopped everything you were doing.

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