Chapter 20

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"Thank God you came Cas." I sighed heavily.
"Do you think you could zap Sam, Kay, and I to Bobby's? My car needs to be zapped as well..."
"I guess I could, Dean. If it'll help you, I will be glad to do so." Cas nodded. He's always glad to help me. Or anyone, let's be real. Cas and I made our way into the hospital and into the room Kay was left in. She still had that confused look on her face. Honestly, it broke my heart. And I of all people do not say that often. It hurt to see that she doesn't remember anything. I wanted to cry, but I knew I couldn't. Looking away, Cas placed a finger on us all, zapping us to Bobby's.
"Woah! How'd that happen?!" Kay asked excitedly. Wow. She doesn't even remember Cas. Then it struck me, maybe she would remember if we tortured her. I know, that honestly is a horrible way. But wolfsbane is the only way to actually have a really big affect. If we could get wolfsbane to even slightly brush scross her cheek, just enough for a sting, maybe she would remember. Just the thought of us torturing her hurt me even more though. How are you supposed to torture people you love? I've been put through enough torture, including family, to know how hard it is. I'm just not sure that I want to, but if it's the only way, I guess I should. Right?
I shook the thoughts out of my mind and approached the door with Kay and Sam close behind.
Bobby opened the door. His messy and completely unwashed hair pushed under his ball cap. I tried my best to smile, but I know it was a failed attempt.
"What's wrong, boy?"


"Wait, so you're telling me Kay has amnesia. My Kay? Amnesia?" Bobby said, he completely couldn't believe it.
"Yes, and Bobby I'm so sorry this ever happend, it's all my faul-" He cut me off.
"I hope you are sorry, but no you can't always go around saying it's all your fault. The guy who smashed into your car is the one who caused it. Not you. Hate to say it, but there isn't anything you could've done to prevent it." He took a swig of the alcoholic beverage in front of him. I didn't day anything, I just simply nodded my head and looked down to the cold beer between my hands.
"This is my room? It's so cool!" I heard Kay from down the hallway. I couldn't take it anymore. I set the bottle down with a bit of force and made my way down into her room.
"Kay, sit down." I motioned to the bed.
"Sit. Down." I took my seat and she cautiously took her seat.
"The truth is you're no normal person. In fact, your parents abandoned you and Bobby found you, deciding to take you in as his. You grew up a hunter. Saving people and hunting monsters. You never had a normal life. Not once. All I need you to do is remember. Please."
She opened her mouth to speak, but her mouth soon closed. Only to be opened again,
"Dean. I'm sorry. But I can't remember." Her eyes began to water.
"No. Just... No." I shook my head and stormed out of the room once again.

Hours passed, I've been focusing on anything besides Kay. Yet, no matter how hard I try, she's always there. In the back of my mind. I've tried everything. Hell, I've even tried cleaning. We all know I'm definatly not good at that.

Kay's POV

I felt so bad for not remembering. He just stormed out of the room. As much as I wanted to remember everything that happened between us, I knew that I couldn't. Not unless I.. wait. That thing that zapped us here earlier, what about him? Maybe he could help me remember when the men weren't around. A smile instantly took form on my mouth. I got up and bolted out of my room, and ran around the house looking for him. My head whacked into a firm chest, instantly, my head snapped back and I stumbled backwards. That was, until I stumbled into yet another person. I then tripped over his foot and stumbled back into a side table, with the lamp on it. With that, the table tipped over on top of me along with the lamp. I groaned in pain as the tallest one quickly picked it up and helped me to feet.
"Woah, you okay there, Kay?" He spoke softly. I've admired that about him. Well, from what I remember of him.
"Yeah, definatly. Where is the one guy with the trench coat and crystal blue eyes?" I asked with my head tilted slightly.
"Umm, he's just over the-" I cut him off with a quick thank you and started running off in that direction.
"Sir, Sir I have a question!" I tugged on the sleeve of his trench coat.
"Yes?" He asked with a puzzled face.
"I need your help, you have like magical powers or something." I had the look of hope in my eyes.
"It's because I'm an Angel of the Lord. I serve God. But if you desire help, I will be glad to help." He said, still completely emotionless.
"Cool! So umm, I need to remember everything. Every possible thing I can. Please." I smiled a bit.
"I will try my best, Kay." He nodded and I led him back to my room. I took a seat on my bed and he just stayed there, standing up. I waited, and not before long, he approached me and placed his 2 fingers on my forehead, making me blackout.


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