The Life With the Winchesters

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"Bobby, I'm Ho-" I stopped mid sentence as I entered the living room. Standing before me were 2 nice looking men in front of Bobby. I gathered my holy water and splashed it at all three of them. No one was steaming or anything. This was odd, usually we didn't have guests. And when we did, they weren't even guests due to the fact that they were probably demons. I grabbed my knife and held it out in a ready position.
"Who are they?" I nod my head at the men as I looked at Bobby, both of the men's hands went up in the air.
  "Kay, drop the knife. They're family friends" Bobby said cautioned. I took a second to think about his command, but if this was really Bobby talking, he doesn't lie. So yes, I carefully set my knife in my bag. I walked into the living area, completely on guard as I approached the men.
"Then tell me your names, and all of that stuff" I said gesturing to the nice looking men in front of me.
  "Umm, I'm Dean. This is my brother Sam. We're friends of Bobby's, so don't kill us. We hunt and kill monsters. This probably sounds strange to yo-" I cut Dean off,
"I don't think so. I've been hunting for most of my life. After my dad practically left me alone because of my step mom.. But anyways no, it's not strange. Not at all" The one with the emerald eyes, Dean I think it was. He was actually hot, how did Bobby know hot people?! He barely really even knew anyone!
"Well, okay then. Sam, have any 'words of wisdom'?" He smiled pleasingly acting like everyone was going to laugh.
"Not really Dean. But for Bobby, yes I do. I have a question. Where exactly does she stay and when exactly did you get her?" Sam said looking Bobby in the eye.
  "You sound like you have a problem with me being here, is there a problem?" I asked Sam, trying to keep my cool as best as I could.
"It's not that I have a problem, I just like to know things about people, that's all" Sam shrugged.
  "Then maybe you should just ask me, idiot" I said rolling my eyes and heading back to my room. Are you kidding me? I thought I was a very likable person! Or maybe he's just stubborn? I don't even know anymore. I plopped down onto my bed and just imagined. What would it be like if my dad hadn't abandoned me? If my mom hadn't died? Man, I sure wish I could live that fantasy.. but judging on where I am now, it doesn't really look like I'm ever going to be there again.
Okay sorry for the really short chapter, but I wanted to edit it. Idk why, but I did so yeah XD. But anyways..

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