Chapter 18

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Y'all remember the rabbit foot episode? I'm remaking it with me having all the bad luck and Sammy is all grown up! Enjoy!

The light blasted through the old, dirty curtains. I groaned and sat up in bed.
"Good morning sleeping beauty." Dean smirked.
"Haha, very funny. What time it is?" I asked with a yawn.
"Oh, I over slept..? Sorry." I shrugged and stood up, beginning to stretch.
"Nah, we're leaving today anyways."
"Wait, as in packing up and leaving?" I asked.
"Yeah, what else?" He chuckled lightly.
"Oh.. but what brought this on? Why are we leaving wen we payed up until tomorrow?"
"I don't know, I just felt like getting the hell out of here." He shrugged. I guess he was right. I didn't exactly want to stay here nger either, but what about Sam? Maybe he didn't want to go?
"Well, then I guess I'm heading to the shower." I shrugged and made my way into the bathroom. Yeah, I just took a shower yesterday, but I'm also taking one this morning because who knows. When I was asleep, maybe I could've been in such a deep sleep that a rat decided to run all over me and I didn't realize it. To be honest, that probably has happened before.
"Mind if I come with?" He smirks.
"Actually, yes, I do mind. Bye!" I smiled and blew a kiss before taking some clothes and running to the bathroom to lock the door.

After my hair was officially a mess from blow drying it and not bothering to brush it, I walked out of the bathroom. After I pulled up my shirt because it was starting to get low, I searched through my bag for a brush. Successfully, yet painfully, I brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun. I didn't really care about what I looked like, I was just going to be in a car for hours straight. Currently, I was wearing big sweat pants and a loose white tee with my hair in a messy bun.
I ran around the motel, making sure I had everything packed and ready.
"AHA!" I yelled as I grabbed my hair tie from the nightstand. I knew I forgot something.
Quickly, I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked out to the car, placing my bag in the trunk with the boy's bags as well. Funny, I still felt as if I was missing something. I shrugged and slipped into the car. That's when it hit me. My pistol.
"DON'T GO ANYWHERE YET!" I yelled and ran back into the motel room, quickly spotting my pistol in the kitchen. Why was it in there..? I picked it up and started running back after locking the door. But, I fell. Yep, clutzy me fell, weird right?
I stood up with a wobble and realized I smacked my nose against the cement. My nose was now bleeding and hurt very badly. I carefully slid inside the car and closed the door,
"Holy shit, are you okay?" Dean asked.
"What? Oh, yeah, definatly. Just a little blood here and there, yah know?" I said with a fake smile. Honestly, the pain was horrible. I have felt worse, but this really hurt. I knew it wasn't broken, but I didn't want blood getting on my shirt so I tilted my head up.
"Maybe we should stop at a diner and get you a rag before we go anywhere.." Sam said.
"Wow, I thought Dean would be the person to say that. But sure, if you guys don't mind." I shrugged. As soon as we arrived there, Dean opened my door and tried to help me out. Tried as in, resulted in whacking my head against the door. I sighed and stumbled inside with blood still oozing from my nose.
"Oh my God! Is she alr- hey there! You're cute." She winked at Dean.
"I'm flattered really, but my GIRLFRIEND here has a bloody nose, could you get me a rag?" He asked, emphasizing the 'Girlfriend'. As he kept one hand securely on my arm, he snaked his other around my waist and pulled me slightly closer. The waitress nodded and ran back behind the counter to grab a wet rag. She scurried back with her heels clicking as they made contact with the ground. She went to give it to me, but stumbled and the rag made contact with my nose, it did hurt though. I groaned out in pain and took hold of the rag, holding it under my nose to make sure that no more blood could escape. Yeah, so much for not going anywhere, right? But seriously, why was all this happening to me? After about 25 minutes, we all decided it would probably be easier for us all to get to our destination.
We got to the car, and I had tripped yet again. This time, catching myself because I realized I was just having a crappy day all in all.
We were currently just sitting at a red light, waiting, and singing of course. But that little wait turned worse. We continued to scream along go music. Finally, the red light goes to green and Dean began to drive at the intersection. There were skidmarks from the side and I turned my head just in time. But I can tell you, I shouldn't have. With a loud thud and the screams of Sam and Dean, the light faded away from me. A liquid began to flow freely down my forehead, but that wasn't it...

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