Chapter 15

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**Warning: Kissing **

   "No, You are not leaving me again. I don't care what you think." Dean replied, looking at me. I couldn't hold his gaze. I looked down at my feet, then back up to him.
  "If that's how it's going to be, then I guess I'm screwed." I replied. A small smile stretched across his face. He quickly wrapped his arms around me, and I felt home again. Like nothing was going to hurt me. Of course, I knew I was eventually going to end up getting hurt, but it felt good to be in his arms again. I turned my head and hugged him back, only to realize and very pissed off Sam. I quickly let go of Dean and turned to Sam,
  "Sorry.." I mumbled.
"No, no don't mind me. Kay." He practically spat my name out like it was worthless.
  "I see how this is going to be. You're still mad at me aren't you. Just to let you know, I'm not the only one that needs to keep secrets. You probably have at least 40 that you haven't even told your brother here. And I get blamed for not telling one? You don't have to make me feel worthless Sam. Because, in all honesty, I'm just as valuable as you are. Winchester." I spat out Winchester, just as he did to me.
  "If anything, I'm more valuable. I help my brother. I kill supernatural beings. Even if they're just sick people." Sam replied without looking away from me.
  "You act like I haven't killed one thing ever in my life. Might as well kill you, I mean. It means I've killed one of those so called 'sick people' you talked about earlier." I shrugged and crossed my arms over my chest. A police officer walked over to me.
"Hello, Ma'am," He began with a wink, "I see your partners here aren't seeming to do their job. Would you follow me please? I need you to take a look at the body over here."
  "Of course. I'm sorry, it's more like partner. Always starting stuff." I laughed lightly and walked with the police officer over to the body.
  "How long has she been dead?" I asked while examining the body. She had rope marks around her wrists and scratch marks all up her sides and slightly on her face.
  "Mmm, about 9 hours. Here" he said as he handed me a clipboard with the information about her. I quickly browsed through it.
  "Alright, mind if I stop by the police department tomorrow and get the records and such?" I asked while still looking at the scratch marks.
  "Not at all. I'll see you then." He replied. I stood straight again, him winking at me yet again. I shuddered slightly and walked back to Dean.
  "Whelp, since we're all hunters here. Why don't we solve this together. I'm going in tomorrow to grab the records and such. Until then, why don't we catch up? Get a few drinks? Anything?" I said, looking at Dean, then Sam.
  "Sure, want to follow us to the motel?" Dean replied before Sam could.
  "Sure, why not." I shrug and smile.
  "Good" Dean replied with a smile and walked to his car as I walked to mine.

We arrived soon after to their motel. Surprisingly, it was the same one as mine and I just hadn't realized they had come in. Oh the Cliché. We walked to their room and entered.
  "A bit messier then mine, but aye. You people are 'men'" I smiled and laughed slightly.
  "Mind if I go get changed? My rooms just down the hall." I asked while looking at Dean.
  "Sure" he smiled back and I walked out of the room. I walked down to my room and entered. I quickly ran over to my bag and got changed into a black sweatshirt and some shorts. After, I quickly ran back to their room, locking my door on the way out.
"DEAN! Just listen to me! She shouldn't be here! And if you really do care about her, you shouldn't let her on the hunt!! She could get hurt! I'm not letting her come. And neither are you." Sam sternly yelled at Dean.
  'Wow, you think you know a guy' I said to myself. I opened the door.
"God, Sam. If you haven't recalled, I'm a big girl now. I can look after myself, and if you guys don't want any help, I'll do it by myself. Some bitch has got to kill this thing. And if you aren't, I don't see why I shouldn't." I crossed my arms and gave him my best bitch face. I had to admit, I had the best bitch face you have ever seen.
  "There's no dragging you out of this, is there?" Sam questioned. I shook my head in response,
  "Correct, I'm killing that son of a bitch no matter what." I kept my pose for a bit more before breaking the silence,
  "I'm a bit hungry, why don't we all go out for lunch and see if we can get anyone to speak up?"
"Yeah, sure" Dean smiled.
"Whelp. I'm going to go change, yet again." I smiled and walked to my room. I browsed through my bag and picked out a pair of shorts and a
AC/DC band tee. I did my hair up in a messy bun and walked back to Dean's room.
  "You nerds ready?" I smiled and playfully winked at Dean. He squirmed around and walked fastly to me at the door.
"Your brother coming?" I asked with and confusing look on my face.
"Nah, he said he wanted to look up as much he could before we got the records." Dean shrugged.
"Not going to have much luck, but let's goo!" I replied with a shrug and walked outside to Dean's impala. It was truly beautiful, but what's new? I slid into the passengers seat and fastened my seat belt.
We entered the small roadside diner and took our seats in the far corner booth by the window. I looked out the window and back at Dean. God, he was so attractive. His emerald green eyes just shined and brought out all of facial features. His freckles and smooth skin. Ugh, he was perfection.
My thoughts were inturupted by a obviously annoyed voice,
"What can I get you?"
  "Um, I'll just have a glass of orange juice and some eggs please" I replied.
  "Yeah, whatever" she turned towards Dean and a flirtatious smile spread across her face, "And what can I get you, sir?" I rolled my eyes and looked at the table.
  "I'll have the double bacon cheeseburger with a plate of fries and a glass of water. Thanks" Dean nodded and put his menu back in the holder. I smirked at the way Dean hurried with his words.
"That'll be out soon" She smiled and walked back to the kitchen with a wink at Dean. I looked up at Dean and I quickly realized that he was staring at me. My face turned red and I got hot.
  "Dean?" I asked.
"What? Oh, yeah, Kay?" He quickly rambled.
  "May I ask why you're staring at me?" I said and smiled at him.
  "Oh, I uhhh. You're just looking so good?" He smiled a bit awkwardly.
"Mhm, I see" I smirked at him. I swear I saw him blush a bit before our food arrived. The lady sloppily dropped my plate in front of me and placed Dean's nicely in front of him.
  "Excuse me, ma'am" I said and looked up at her.
  "What?" She said rudely.
   "Must you be such a slob?" I smiled at her. She gasped,
  "How dare you call me a slob! You better say you're sorry!"
  "Kay, Don't. Please" Dean looked at me. I shook my head and looked at her,
  "If you haven't realized I'm a customer. You should treat me with as much respect as you do to him. And if you think not, I suggest reading the sign behind the counter that says 'All customers are valued. We treat them with all do respect'" I smiled at her and looked back to Dean and a small smirk graced his lips.
"Well, Ms. Kay, why don't you find your way out of this restraunt?" She crossed her arms.
  "With pleasure, Ms. Barbie Bitch" I smiled and stood up, grabbed Dean's hand, and walked out of the restraunt with him. I sat down in the passenger seat.
  "Is there any way we could just go back and have Sam get us food?" I said as I buckled.
  "Sure, I can see." Dean shrugged and buckled up before smiling at me and slowly pulling out. I saw the lady glare daggers at me so I quickly smiled and waved back.
  We got back to the motel and walked up to Sam and Dean's room. We entered to room to see Sam sitting at the table flipping through pages of books.
  "Hey, Sam, could you go run up to the diner and get us food? I pissed the lady off and walked out." I put my phone on Dean's bed and collapsed onto his comfy bed.
  "Sure, I guess." Sam replied and walked out with the keys to the Impala.
I heard the roar of the Impalas engine start and slowly fade away as he got further. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked at Dean, then patted the area next to me. He walked over and sat next to me.
  "Dean. I must confess something to you..." I looked at him.
  "Yeah?" He looked at me and smiled slightly.
  "I like you. I have for a while. All I'm looking for is at least a "That's cool" " I smiled small and looked at him. He didn't waste any time with words and quickly pressed his lips to mine. I didn't mind at all, in fact, I enjoyed it.. like always. We pulled apart for a breath and I bit my lip and looked at him,
"Does this mean I get that "That's cool"?"
  "Most definatly" He smirked and pressed his lips once more to mine.

  God, Dean.

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