Chapter 6

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"Oh! Shook me all night long!" I sang as I let the hot water pour down on my body. Dean pounded on the door,
"Come on hurry up!! It's been like half an hour and Sammy's taking a shower in the other bathroom!! I need to take one tooooooo!" Dean moaned from the other side of the door.
"Don't get your panties in a knot, hold on!" I yelled back as I turned off the water. I scrambled finding the towel and wrapping it around my body. I rung out my hair over the sink and walked out as I fixed the towel so that I wouldn't have to hold it up.
"Knock yourself out" I walked over to my closet ad slipped on a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a AC⚡️DC tank top. I grabbed my brush and dragged it up and down my hair. Dean walked out a bit later with a towel hung somewhat low around his waist,
"This shower is awesome"
I let out a soft laugh and then finished brushing my hair. Sam trailed out of the bathroom and stopped in front of my door with a smirk,
"Am I interrupting something?"
"No!" Dean and I said in unison.
"Wanna hit the bar?" I asked the guys.
"Hell yeah!" They both said, from knowing Sam the little bit that I did... I knew he didn't really drink much, all I knew is that he drinks beer. I chuckled and both the guys quickly got dressed and we headed out to the guys Impala.
"Wanna hit the one near the end of woodrive (Wood-rive) road?" I asked. They nodded their head and we pulled out of the car and headed to the bar.
We exited the car and walked up to the bar. A faint smell of smoke eroded the room, crashes hanging lightly in the air. I looked to my right and saw two drunkens fighting, classic. We took our seat at the counter.
"Hmmmmm just a beer" I ordered. Starting off with the 'lighter' stuff as I liked to call it, working my way to the stronger stuff. The guys ordered a beer too.
--*--6 beers later for me--*--
"Another please" I ordered as I lightly slammed the glass on the counter. I laughed uncontrollably at the sound that the glass and the counter made when they collided. A small hiccup escaped my lips.
"I think she's drunk" Sam chuckled.
"Get on my level Sammy.." I stumbled over lightly falling on the floor. I laughed uncontrollably yet again as Sam helped me up. I grabbed his beer and took a sip, then stopped because the lady handed me my next beer. I took a steady sip and a quite attractive man came over and asked me to dance. How predicatable? Single guys asking single, drunk, girls? Works for me. Being how fabulous I am, I nodded and we walked over to the dance area. Man, this bar had everything! A dance area, an actual bar, small tables scattered around, a couple pool tables, bathrooms. I danced and so did he, he placed his hands on my hips and we both somewhat swayed to the music. Dean had his eye on me the whole time, I could tell he wasn't liking at all what he was seeing. He walked over after he finished his beer and lightly pushed me away from the man,
"What the heck Dean?" I laughed as the room spinned, as well as practically the world. Dean shoved the guy and the guy shoved him back, me being as drunk as I was walked into the middle of it placing my hands in between them.
"Now, now men. No need to fight" I laughed a bit on how I seemed to sound. Dean just rolled his eyes and picked me up by my waist throwing me over his shoulder,
"Come on, Kay, let's head home" Dean motioned to Sam to come. Sam slipped some money into the counter and hurried up after us. I lightly pounded on Dean's back,
"Put me down!" I continued hitting his back, creating a pretty odd beat. I laughed at what I had made and he placed me in the back seat of the impala. My head pounded, probably an effect of being slightly drunk... heh.
We pulled into Bobby's driveway and he threw me over his shoulder again, this time I kind of just went with it. My body swaying to the movements of his feet. My eyes were closed and a quiet snore escaped my mouth. Dean placed me on the couch and tried to get me to wake up. My heavy eyelids slowly slid open after quite a few attempts.
"What?" I mumbled as I sat up. I put my hand up against my head and hit it a few times. I was still slightly drunk, oops. It didn't make the headache any better though, Dean handed me a aleve and some water and I gulped it down. I stood up and tried my bet to get to my room, of course I fell a couple times and used the wall to steady me, but it works. Dean followed me closing the door and plopped on my bed next to me. I was completely exhausted and before I knew it, I was lieing on my stomach on my bed, lightly and quietly snoring.
I woke up and took a peek outside my window, it had already been night. I slipped on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt. With much effort, I opened the door and found Sam, Dean, and Bobby sitting on the couches.
"You guys want to have a fire?" I asked yawning.
"I don't see why not" Bobby smiled at me and I smiled back. I probably didn't look very promising, my hair hasn't been combed out, my makeup was slightly smeared, and I didn't exactly look the best in what I was wearing. I slipped on some brown boots and slipped on a jacket over my sweatshirt, not caring that my shot was a mess, I put it into a messy bun anyways. All four of us walked outside and dug a semi-deep hole. We gathered as many sticks as we could and made a tipi looking shape and put some paper around it and in the middle. I grabbed the lighter and lit the paper in the middle. I absolutely loved looking at the fires because I admire how it swallows anything that it wants to. I wish I could, demolishing anything and everything in my path. Dean walked over and sat next to me on the ground,
"Yeah.. you drank a lot." Dean absentmindedly laughed and I glared at him.
"Figured that out.." I looked back at the blazing fire.
"But I got to tell you, it sure was a blast" He smiled at me. I didn't return his smile, even though I felt him look at me for a while.
"Did you end up buying marshmellows?" I asked Bobby.
"Yeah, they're some where in one of the caninets" Bobby replied. I got up and walked into the house and got some marshmellows out of the cabinet. After finding a good stick to use outside, I sat back down in my original spot and popped a marshmellow on the stick. Leaning my head up against Dean's shoulder, I roasted the white marshmellow to perfection. Toasty brown lining white food. I carefully took it off the stick and placed the masterpiece into my mouth. It was delicious, absolutely delicious. Dean grabbed my stick and placed a marshmellow on the end and lightly placed it just above the flames of the fire. It caught on fire and he pushed it into my face, I blew the fire off of it and he lightly placed it just on top of the Flames yet again. Just then, a ring came from Dean's phone. He answered suspiciously, then eased down a bit when he had realized it was Martin calling for a case at the psychatric hospital.
"Who was it?" I asked as my eyelids got heavier.
"Martin, we've got a case. We'll leave first thing in the morning" He replied.
"You got it dude" I quoted from 'Full House'. Before I knew it my eyes slammed shut and I was in a deep sleep. Dean lightly picked me up-bridal style- and walked me into my room, setting me carefully onto my bed.

The taste of marshmellow still resting lightly in my mouth.

Hey you fantabulous earthlings! How's life treating you? Anyways, cutting to the chase. In chapter 7, the case they had did not involve a girl, so I am going to act like it is. Hopefully you'll still find it interesting! Anyways,

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