Chapter 22

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I gasped for air, sweating horribly. That's when I realized I remembered. I remembered everything I forgot. I realized Castiel was just standing there, looking at me.
"Thank you, Cas." I smiled and stood up, hugging him tightly. He just stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do.
"Your welcome, Kay. I'm glad I could help you." He stood back from the hug. I smiled up at him before running out of my room, but only to step on the edge of the rug and go tumbling over. I whacked my head on the hard wood and groaned out in pain. I held my hand to my head, trying to stop the pain. Of course it still hurt, but it was definatly worth a shot.
"Kay?! Are you alright? What happened?!" Dean asked, helping me to my feet. Without thinking I pressed my lips to his. It took a few seconds for him to realize what was happening, but he soon kissed back. I smiled and pulled away,
"Dean, I remember everything."
A smile took hold on his face and he pulled me into a hug.
"Thank God, what made you remember?"
"I got a little help from a baby with wings." I smirk. He laughs,
"Well, Cas is always up to help, so I can believe that." I smile at him.
Thank God, Cas. You really saved my ass. I appreciate it a lot. I let him go and smiled,
"Let's spread the news."
I walked around and told everyone the news. The news about me remembering.

Honestly, I could pass up on remembering everything. I don't want to remember my pass. With my stupid dad shoving me out of the house, leaving marks over my arms, legs, face. I still had a bruise on my cheek. I lied though. I told everyone it was from me falling down the stairs when I was younger. Which wasn't completely a lie. My dad shoved me down the stairs after I had over slept. I was never supposed to sleep pass 9. If I had he would hit me in some way.

I know that sounds stupid, but it's true. He would make me wake up early to go outside and guard. He made me "guard" because he liked fooling around with my step mom and he couldn't have me in the house. I remember one time, there was a wolf outside and I got scared, trying to run inside. My dad had locked the door and I had go protect myself with a gardening shovel. Which was horrible. I hurt that animal. Monsters, I can hurt. Animals? I'll pass.
"Okay, so didn't you have a rabbit foot?" Dean asked as we all sat down.
"Um.. yeah. But, I uh. I lost it.." I sighed.
"Kay. You're screwed. We need that back or you're as good as dead." He replied.
"Wow, I was just in the hospital and I'm practically heading back." I sighed and slumped over in my chair.

We had begun the drive back to the motel we were staying at before. Sure, we used a different car because the Impala was broken, but it worked. It was old and dusty, and I coughed multiple times. I hated it. But it had to work. Especially because I didn't plan on going back to the hospital. I've always hated the hospital.

Psh, definatly not because of needles.

I hated needles. I would cry. Same thing with Clowns. I would cry. Again.

We arrived at the motel countless hours later. I dashed up to the counter,
"I need the room key for 7A. I was here and I forgot something." I spoke fastly.
"Ummm, okay." He handed me the key slowly. Quite rudely, I snatched the key and ran to the room. I ran inside and started looking everywhere for it. Nope. Nope. Nope.


I ran up to the little bed side table and snatched my rabbits foot off of it. I sighed with relief before walking back to the counter. I handed back the key and walked back to the boys, fist pumping the air.
"I found it, bitches." I smiled at them and slid into the back seat. I lied down, knowing nothing could happen to me. HELL WAS I WRONG.

Why even bother thinking that if obviously I'm cursed and something bad would happen. I mentally slapped myself and awaited the countless hour drive back to Bobby's.


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