Chapter 11

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A few hours later I woke up to the sun piercing the windows. It hit my back feeling like a sunburn hitting the trampoline when you fell. I sat up and rubbed my head, probably had hit it when I was asleep.
"Morning Sleeping Beauty" Dean laughed. I rolled my eyes and looked out the window,
"How long until we get back?"
"About 20 minutes" Dean replied, not taking his eyes off of the road. I nodded, although he probably did not see me.
I got out of the car as Dean pulled into a stern hault. We walked into a motel and got a room.
"I'll sleep on the floor" I announced as I threw my bag down next to the spot I was going to sleep at.
"Haha, you're really funny Kay. You can have this bed" He picked up my bag and started to carry it over to the bed.
"Haha, ah no" I smiled and took my bag back from him. I grabbed a spare pillow and put it next to my bag on the floor.
"Sorry, but you can't force me out of my 'natural habitat'" I smiled at him and sat on the ground. My stomach growled, do to the fact that I refused to eat the food at the hospital. It looked like goo, who would want to eat that?
"Sorry, but I am" Dean grabbed my bag again.
"No you are not" I replied, yet again snatching my bag from him. This time, after I grabbed my bag I jumped on his back.
"What are you doing..?" He said as he slightly stumbled back.
"I'm making sure you won't take it again." I replied as I yanked him over to his bed and hopped off.
"You sleep here," I pointed to the bed, "I sleep there" I pointed at the pillow on the floor, "kapeesh?" I raced back over to my pillow with my bag and lied on the floor, resting my head gently on the pillow. I know I had just woken up, but I was still really tired. My eyes slowly drifted shut and my mind was filled with terrors.
I tried running away, desperatly tried to do anything to get away from him. The issued man I was forced to call my father. I grabbed my bag and raced toward the door. But was stopped when my hood was yanked back,
"Where do you think you're going?" My father announced as he made me face him. I looked at the floor,
"No- no where" I stuttered. He smirked evily at me and swung his giant hands across my face. I reluctantly yanked my hand to my cheek. Tears began forming in my eyes as he struck me yet again with a powerful slap. I tried to run away again. But no matter how hard I tried, nothing changed. I'd always end up facing the horrid creature again. Each and every time, he slapped me harder than the last. But this time, I ran. As fast as I could, out the door. But everything was silenced when he appeared in front of me with a glass bottle. He shook his head,
"I said you aren't going anywhere" He shoved me back inside and slammed the breakable item against the top of my head. The glass splintering inside of my head. In excruciating pain, I held the little bit of faith that I still had up. I stared him in the eyes,
"I'm not letting you get in my way" I shoved him back with all my might, racing towards the door. I slammed it shut and never looked back. But his face will always lurk in my darkest nightmares. I made my way to the hospital, I had learned a lot from my mother in the few years I had with her. I trailed in with the blood spilling down my face and back from the glass pieces still dug deep inside my head. Doctors came rushing out with nurses and took me into the emergency room. They painfully plucked out all of the glass pieces. But all but one of them fell to the ground with blood seeping through their shirts. I looked up from the bed, but not to see my savior. To see the man who hunted my dreams. Turned my life into treachery. My father..
I yanked myself out of the terrors people call dreams. Drenched in sweat, I stood up and walked over to the bathroom. But something was off
... I looked up at the window and the salt line was broken. I gasped and ran to Dean, continuously shaking him.
"Dean, Dean wake up!!" I slapped him, and that finally got him up.
"What? What is it princess?" He asked, you could tell he was partly asleep.
"The salt line!! It's broken!" I said as I quickly ran over to wake up Sam. But before I could even reach him, a heavy force was thrown at me and sent me soaring through the air. My body slammed against the wall sending cracks upon their ears. Dean finally noticed I wasn't joking and pulled himself out of his tired trance. He loaded his pistol and awoke Sammy.
"What is it Crowly?" Dean said as he held his gun in ready. I put my hand up against my head to try to get the pain down a little.
"Moose, squirrel. How are you?" He replied with a snicker.
"Crowly cut to the chace" Dean rolled his eyes. I tried stumbling to my feet, but my weight had not seemed to bare with me. Even the slightest bit I would move, it would pull me back.
"Right, right. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take your friend with me" He said as he took a sip of the Alchol sitting at his side. My eyes grew wide. Me, friend? You mean like me go with Crowly? Not a chance! Well it's true, I didn't have a chance against him at all.
"What? No!" Dean said as he looked at me then quickly back to Crowly.
"Well, tough luck boys" and in the snap of a finger. The scenery changed and Sam and Dean were no where to be found. I was surrounded with intensifying screams and demons. But my body seemed as if it was being dragged. I knew I wasn't dead, but was I in hell? With Crowly? And his demons?!

Hell No!!

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